Sunday, September 23, 2007

Journal cover - Japanese style

Weird. Last night I had my second bout of late night stitching in a row. Not sure what's going on there, but I am sure it's not how most "young people" would spend their weekend evenings. But ahh, who cares :)

Anyway, you know how it gets to 10:00pm, and you're sitting on the couch not quite ready for bed but with a sewing project in mind? And you say to yourself "Oh, I'll just cut out the fabric and then go to bed". And you cut out the fabric and then think "oh... I'll just pin it together". And then afterwards you think "oh, I'll just do the first round of stitching", after which you figure that you may as well just finish it off.

Well that's what happened to me last night. I decided to make a journal cover based on a pattern I saw in a couple of Japanese craft books:

It's really quite a simple design, and it seems like almost all Japanese fabric book covers are made this way, but I've never seen it here before:

It wasn't till after I'd made it that I realised how useful that little tuck under flap is. I thought it was just to make it easy to get the cover on, but I found it also helps to keep the cover from buckling when you have the book open flat. You can take up the slack by pulling the flap in tighter. Very neat.

The pattern isn't particularly complicated, but you can find it in either of those books above, which you can find in one of the online Japanese crafty shops that I've listed in previous posts (sorry can't remember which - but I know I've seen them!). Otherwise the pictures above should make good reference. It's just one big rectangle: tapered at one end, folded over and sewn at the other, with the vertical band sewn in also. Measurements should be based on your own journal and common sense :)

One last note - how bloody cute is that fabric!! I'm kicking myself for not buying more. But that's what happens when you're over there - it's all so overwhelming, and when you see something you like you sometimes hold out because you figure you'll find something even better later on. But my tip - don't hold out - just buy buy buy! I found it in Kyoto (again just $1 for a fat quarter) from a shop called Nomura Tailor in Teramachi Arcade. Grr.


Anonymous said...

A $ for a fat quarter! Oh my goodness what a steal.
I wish I had been as productive as you, I crawled into bed at 9.30pm after a day spent traipsing around the 100% design fair ... but I digress ... this is so sweet, I may just give it a try! Or I may just keep coming back too gaze longingly *wink*

Anonymous said...

Such a nice little book cover, and I love that fabric - so cute!!

Anonymous said...

now this journal cover is really precious, excellent choice of fabric :) so kawaii!

I've seen the handmade zakka books there really inspiring, but I'm intrigued by the journal book on the right, never seen it before do you have the ISBN number ??

I would like to look for it at my local sanseido :)

Zedd said...

Hey Lara!
Nice to hear from you!
Thanks for the congrats!! It's very exciting!
Meanwhile, your stuff looks as fabulous as ever! We love the lamp covering instructions! We have one of those exact Handiworks frames ready to do something gorgeous with, and you can bet we'll be referring to your directions!

dutchcomfort said...

The fabric’s look great, so does the book cover and thanks for all the input!

dutchcomfort said...

The fabric’s look great, so does the book cover and thanks for all the input!

Kelly said...

I love this! So useful! I am in Tokyo right now, I've hesitated a bit with the craft books, how do you manage to read the fine details of the patterns? -kb

paperseed said...

This is adorable - I've never seen a fabric cover designed quite like it. I might have to give it a try, despite my poor sewing skills. Also, I'm glad you approved my post about your gorgeous cards.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness,
this is darling!
did you put some
type of batting or interfacing in the center?
thanks so much for sharing

Anonymous said...

I bought that exact same fabric a couple of weeks ago on my honeymoon in Kyoto! I spent the most money at Nomura Tailor, came back with half a suitecase of fabric, and was sad that I didn't get more after washing them all.
Nomura Tailor the fanciest toilet I've ever seen!

ka said...

OMG I love it!!!!!!iiiiiiii
so cute fabric:) tnx for sharing this! -k-

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