Sunday, May 05, 2013

I like these things...

There's a few things I'm quite liking at the moment...

Who Gives a Crap toilet paper

This ethical, 100% recycled loo roll is produced by the guys at Who Gives a Crap - a Melbourne based startup who crowdfunded their first production run and donate 50% of their profits to WaterAid. I also appreciate their attention to fine packaging! 24 rolls of this sexy toiler paper were delivered to our door at home and I reckon they're perfect for most workplaces too. I highly recommend getting some for home or encouraging your boss to get some for work!

Mr Wilkinson's Favourite Vegetables

Really enjoying this recipe book at the mo. Especially because it was written by a chef who's cafe, bar & produce store are literally around the corner from our house. We've got into a habit of doing our Saturday morning veggie shopping at Ceres (I know, I've turned into a Northside cliche) and then popping by Matt's new produce store for extra bits and bobs and ethical meats. Local food + local recipes = win.

Veggie garden progress - pak choi, carrots, broccoli and struggling silverbeet

Little kale

After a fair amount of false starts and trial & error my veggie garden is starting to resemble something that's vaguely productive! Not sure how it's all going to go but at least I'll be able to eat that pak choi sometime soon! I'm also happy about the fact that I grew them all from seed. For some reason it didn't seem right to grow from seedlings, I wanted to give this a go from scratch, I guess to prove to myself that I can.

xx Lara.


Dustyjo said...

Hello Northcote cliche .. from an ex Northcote cliche (now finally settled in Thornbury) .. glad I found your blog. x

Billy said...

Loved everything about this post (yay for growing your own food!) but the type on that wooden box is just the best thing ever. :)