Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Behind the lens

Monochrome, timber & mustard - experimenting with styling

As a Melbourne based designer, right now what it feels like I should be doing is working with colour. Crazy amounts of colour. Colour out the wazoo! And as much as I appreciate all the splashes of brightness I'm seeing around me lately... I have to admit, I really much prefer a bit of monochrome. Especially when it's coupled with warm timber tones and a bit of mustard! It's not very "summer" I know, but I love it all the same.

The other thing I've been enjoying is playing around with styling. I've always enjoyed photography and making nice interior spaces, but I've never actually tried to "style" a shoot. I have to say at this point: THIS IS NOT HOW MY HOME LOOKS AT ALL. You'd actually laugh if you could see what's behind the camera in this shot - all our usual living room furniture and things crammed up against the opposite wall, my house mates relegated to armchairs pushed into the corners to eat their dinner and read their books.

Monochrome, timber & mustard - experimenting with styling (circle shelf by Bride & Wolfe, rug by Armadillo & Co)

I think the "styled" versus "reality" is a very important distinction to make - life behind the lens is rarely what you think it is, and it's important not to get sucked into thinking that what you see on people's blogs,  Instagram and Facebook is a true reflection of their lives.

I had a funny moment actually when taking these photos - a couple of girlfriends of mine were visiting at the time and having a big discussion/confession session about their relationships and all the behind-the-scenes tough times they were having. One pauses to say to me "wow, it's different looking at a photo like this when you know what's hidden off to the sides". I thought that was a very fitting comment, given the topic of conversation...



Naturally Carol said...

Lovely styling! I must say though that we all prefer to see the best in something..even if it is just in a room. I often find corners I like even if the room isn't ideal..so they are the ones I take photos of.

Polly Rowan said...

I think you've styled this room beautifully! And I like that you've been honest and told us about the hidden mess! It's always the same when I take photos at home - everything around it gets shoved to the side, just out of view! You have a very good eye, well done! And the colours are lovely. x

kv barn said...

i especially love the lamps!

Unknown said...

I also love the lamps and that circle design was amazing. You did a good job.