Saturday, August 06, 2011


Just finished reading this - Macrobertsonland by Arcade Publications

If you live in Melbourne and you don't know who Macpherson Robertson is you really should.

Mac.Robertson was the founder of Australia's biggest chocolate factory in the late 1800's. He turned working class Fitzroy into the chocolate capital of Australia. He went from making sweets in the bathroom of a tiny Argyle St house to owning acres of factories in the back streets of Fitzroy which still stand today (as apartments of course).

He was much loved by his workers and was a huge philanthropist. I know of Mac.Robertson because he believed in education for women and funded my school.

Macrobertsonland by Arcade Publications

He also invented the Cherry Ripe, Freddo Frog and Old Gold chocolate!

I picked up Macrobertsonland last week from the Nicholas Building open studios and it's been such a great read. I loved reading about our city in it's early years, during a time when things were still made locally and globalisation was yet to change everything. Made me feel very nostalgic.



Skinny laMinx said...

Melbourne's own Willy Wonka!

Melissa said...

He invented the Cherry Ripe, my fave! I knew the name associated with chocolate, the book looks like a very interesting read. Thanks.

Melissa said...

He invented the Cherry Ripe! My fave. I had heard of the name, associated with chocolate - the book looks very interesting, thanks.

Spin Spin said...

Yay, you get it too! I sooo love this book too. You should read some of Arcade's other wee cute books, starting with the one about EW Cole's Book Arcade in the city. And there are two about the history of Melbourne (Melbourne Remade and Making Modern Melbourne) which are both excellent too :)

Naomi said...

I was aspired to google search his name after reading it on an old and rusty chocolate tin I have.
Wow.. The history behind it has surprised me.
Snack chocolate block and freddo frogs are my favorite and knowing he invented them leaves me a warm feeling!