Saturday, July 02, 2011

New beginnings

Proteas from Camberwell Market

So... I've completed my transition to the "wrong side of the river". Packed my stuff into boxes, handed in the keys to my flat, and moved into a very cute little single-fronter inhabited by a man-friend who most graciously made room for all my furniture and helped me hang pictures on the walls.

It was probably the smoothest, most stress free move I could have imagined and now that I'm settled in I'm just loving it. My commuting time may have increased to about 1.5hrs a day, but it's so worth it.

Of course another thing that's helped with my transition to the east is having Camberwell Market just down the road. Last Sunday I crawled out of bed at 6:30am, put on a gazillion layers and met up with Sass from Ask Alice just after sunrise. Sass is a Camby Market regular who knows all the stallholders' dogs. We ate hot jam donuts and I bought two vintage footstools for reupholstering and the cutest set of vintage beakers. Now home to 6 succulents!

Vintage beakers from Camby Market + Succulents from Rose St Market!

All in all a good start I reckon.



Ganz und Garn said...

So even in Australia there is a wrong side of the river, I myself here in Germany lived on it too ;)
Great find this vintage beakers and they look fabulous with the succulents. I love succulents! (Maybe because they are the only plants that survive at my home)

marjorie rose said...

Congratulations on a stress-free move-in. That's rare!

Bianca said...

Great to see that you're enjoying the East :)
Love the succulents... they grow very fast btw. Mine are at least. If you have a tip to keep them in tow, please let me know ;)

Shreya said...

hey Lara

I am in the provess of moving from the city to the country (for work) and hence have a chance to furnish and decorate a new place.

My search for inspiration brought me to your blog and I have been going through the picture of your previous apartment and have noted down Bride and Wolfe for that amazing 3 tier shelf and was wondering if you could tell me where you got your furniture from?

I am looking everywhere mainstream and not liking much at all.

P.S: Love the succulents in the colourful beakers!

Thank you


Lyn said...

I love the succulents!

yardage girl said...

So NOT the wrong side of the river (think of it as the other side) but I'll give you a while longer to come around!! Glad the move was stress-free and you're enjoying the local delights! Nic x

kate said...

ohhh i was just thinking to myself "i should go to camberwell market tomorrow morning"... I haven't been for so long, not since I lived just around the corner! Indeed you are lucky!

But perhaps stumbling on your blog is just the inspiration I need :)

Jasmine Mirra said...

That's so nice!