Saturday, February 26, 2011

New textile happiness

If you've been reading the Ink & Spindle blog you would have seen this already, but over the last couple of weeks we've been releasing a bunch of new prints & fabrics!

Firstly our 100% organic and Australian Made cotton jersey range:

Little Forest, Trams & Bicycles, Pirates & Sea Creatures and Seedling.

Secondly (I've been looking forward to this for ages), we released my Flowering Gum print:

Flowering Gum in Olive & Robins Egg

We're printing all the new prints on a woven basecloth too (some are still on the way):

Flowering Gum, Seedling & Little Forest cushions

Flowering Gum, Seedling & Little Forest cushions

It's been so much fun and so satisfying to see these designs come to life. We have lots more plans for them too.

In other exciting news, my flat was featured in the Herald Sun Home magazine today! Will post some pics soon once I have my camera with me :)

xx Lara.


sanityseeker said...

Oh swoon!! My heart! The jerseys are so gorgeous!!

patchworkoncentralpark said...

Absolutely gorgeous Lara, just love that little tram print, so Melbourne,

Emeraldflare said...

just gorgeous Australian floral prints!

EmilyKate said...

Wow lovely! It's so hard to get printed jersey anywhere it seems, I only ever seem to see stripes available... your so cute!

Rossi said...

Luv them! These new prints are so inspiring!

I follow your blog since a long time ago and really really like your textiles!


Jasmine Mirra said...

I really like the liitle forest one!
But they're all beauties!