Friday, November 19, 2010


I've been veeeeery quiet on this here blog of late. It's been a weird kind of month full of dance practice and birthdays and illnesses and general lack of routine. Feeling a bit out of sorts and creatively frustrated, and in need of inspiration.

That said, we have been doing some fun things at the studio and making some new product, which is keeping me happy. Can't wait to photograph them :)

Speaking of photos, here's some vintage goodies I've picked up recently!

Vintage finds - wooden crate and little stool

I have always ALWAYS wanted one of these "vacuum oil company" crates with their awesome lettering. But they were always stupidly expensive if I found them. But thanks to a little second hand shop in Lorne, I stumbled across one at a reasonable price. Yay!

I found the little stool at a little organic food/second hand market in Sydney - thank you to my friend Dan who drove it back to Melbourne for me a few months later. I might recover the top or just leave it as is.

Vintage wooden crate (and ceramic by Christopher Plumridge)

Other things that I'm liking at the moment:

- This interview with Loobylu over on the Design Files blog - testament to the fact that creative inspiration is ever changing and life can be full of a myriad of creative pursuits

- Sharing our studio space with lots of lovely ladies - Katrina, Mikaela and Stina are our extras this month :)

- - many tears of laughter to be shed

-Letters and Numbers - only the best gameshow-for-nerds (and Aspy's) ever. With a hot hot hot maths genius chick on it. SBS weeknights 6:00pm!



Unknown said...

Fab finds, love them both. I had a beautiful old timber box once from David Jones I think but borers got to it :( It's hard to know what to do with the little stool as it looks really cool now but would look just as good covered in some of your yummy fabric :) Hope you find the creative inspiration you're looking for.

Alina Turner said...

Oh god thanks for the autocorrect website, I have tears. I have wanted a site like this - have made so many mistakes with autocorrect myself!!

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

If it was me I would not be changing anything about that little stool!!

hoopty doopty said...

The crate is drool worthy. I immediately noticed that gorgeous lettering. I also like Letters and Numbers - too fun!

Fer said...

What great finds! The stool definitely needs some Ink & Spindle magic on the seat, really really.

Clare said...

Some times you are promised tears of laughter and feel a bit cheated, but no I'm sat at work on the other side of the globe crying with laughter - Brilliant!
Great finds too!

katie kirby said...

That stool is gorgeous!

Enterrement de vie de célibataire Paris said...

J'adore la première photo, elle est très belle.