Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rooooooad triiiiiiiiip!!

Remember my good friend with the beautiful house out Leongatha way? Well Rick also happens to have a fantastic cafe, which was recently converted into a cafe & shop. Which now stocks our wares! (who would have thought that would happen, back in the day when we worked together at a multimedia company).

Anyway Teegs and I drove to Leongatha to check out the new cafe/shop and also meet up with the lovely ladies from Mookah! We had lunch at the cafe, and then went to Wonthaggi to check out the Mookah studio and take home pumpkins and rhubarb from their garden.

Here's some pics!

The new shop section of the cafe
The new shop area of the cafe, with goods by I&S, Mookah, Mattt, Christopher Plumridge, Rebound Books, Zac Chalmers and many more...

The ladies of Mookah and Teegs
The lovely Mookah ladies, and Teegs.

Stools covered in our canvas weight fabrics
Stools in the front window covered with our canvas weight fabrics

The barista hard at work
Rick hard at work being barista

And I couldn't head home without purchasing some more Christopher Plumridge ceramics to add to my collection (which weirdly match these new arm warmer gloves).

All in all a great day.


Rebecca said...

that looks like my kinda road trip! (love love love the new ceramics!)

yardage girl said...

Luuuucky! Lovely pics. Have a great week! Nic x

Jo Faulkner said...

Oooooh i love those stools!

I really love your blog, I'm starting up as a print designer too, would love to know what you think!
all the best.

Carolina Grönholm said...

Looks like a cozy place to sip a cup of tea! love those fabrics.

Home Furnishing said...

I really love your post. Pics are really looking nice

Kristen Doran said...

beautiful ceramics. And so nice to see the cafe/shop.