Friday, January 08, 2010

Reaburn Design - Pop-up Shop in Kensi

Remember the Melbourne tote I blogged about recently? Well here's the details of Glenda's pop-up shop finally! I just went down and took some photos (more photos on the I&S blog):

Reaburn Design pop-up shop
Reaburn Design pop-up shop (yay birch cushions!)

Reaburn Design pop-up shop
Reaburn Design pop-up shop

Reaburn Design pop-up shop
Open till this Sunday 10th January
399 Macaulay Rd, Kensington VIC 3031


Christine said...

looks like such a fun place!

Rachel Follett said...

What a beautiful! Lovely blog!

Carolina Grönholm said...

This seems so cool, we don't have this here in Stockholm:(

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Look at all these yummy goods! Your product looks fabulous.

Jaye said...

Really like the fabrics you have in some of your recent posts (around your bicycle post - congrats, by the way!). I am guessing you are attracted to those fabrics/colors so they pop up in your blog? I am trying to decide if I would like to get something similar and make a project? Would a few look good or do I need a mass of them?

Thanks for sharing!

cedar chest said...

I love the designs of Reaburn. Almost all my furniture and other stuff in my house is made by Reaburn. I love all the design and it's quality is very good.

Y. Metin Yıldırım said...

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