Monday, October 05, 2009

28, slightly wiser and less anxious

Sorry I disappeared for a bit there. We spent the first half of last week printing 240 metres of fabric (!!) and then we closed up shop for Thursday and Friday because Teegs had to go have her tonsils out (ouch, everyone wish her a speedy recovery!)

And... I turned 28!

I always find birthdays a bit difficult. A lot of self imposed pressure to make the day feel suitably 'special' whilst at the same time being unable to enjoy any celebrations I might organize for worrying that everyone's having a good time. So I made an effort to acknowledge these anxieties and do things that felt good and relaxing. And it was. Yay. Plus Pete took me out to dinner to Gingerboy and Oh My God it was amazing. I highly recommend.

But the best part by far was the most exciting present ever, my new sewing machine!!

my new sewing machine!
My new Janome DC3018 - Birthday/Christmas present from my entire family

When I say 'new' I should really say 'first' because I've never actually owned a machine before. I used to borrow mum's old Elna Zig Zag, and then Nana's old Elna Lotus, both good solid machines but also a bit limiting and getting on in their years. So thanks to all your advice I ended up getting the Janome DC3018. And so far, so good!

I've already started making some things, which I'll post shortly!



LoungeKat said...

Happy Birthday!
I got a sewing machine for my Birthday this year too!

Jacinta said...

Happy birthday fellow 28 yr old... I know what you mean about them. Nowadays I seem to get more excited when people think I'm 22/23 instead of closer to 30! woo.

But isn't it great being older as that means wiser and not so wound up with petty little things!
PS - sewing machine presser is awesome xo

Jacinta said...

err- "present" I mean :P

Turning Japanese said...

OMG... We have almost the same machine. Mine is still in the box. Early Christmas and birthday present. So happy!!

Angela said...

Happy Birthday Lara!!!

Such a sweet present :)

Danielle said...

Coolio! I just upgraded my Mum's Elna Contessa to a lovely Janome :-)

Happy sewing!

ali said...

hi lara! happy birthday - i'm approaching the 28 mark soon too. in about a month actually. do i feel wiser? not really! :P great sewing machine, have fun with it!

gret said...

Ah, there it is. Glad you like it. I still love my DC3018 9 months later, although I did smash a needle in it the other day, lost it behind the bobbin and can't get it out. Oh well...still sews fine. Enjoy, and happy birthday!

Meghan said...

I got the exactly the same sewing machine for my birthday!!! Enjoy

Michael said...

Great sewing machine! Funny how I need to check your blog to see what we got you :)

Y. Metin Yıldırım said...

saat forex zayıflama hapları gizli kamera

Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

With you on the birthday sentiments! And mine is New Year's Eve, which means either a ton of pressure to hold a big party, or no one spends my birthday with me. Neither is a great choice. ;) Ah, well.

I've been catching up on your blog, and looking back through some old posts. Really enjoying it!