Saturday, January 10, 2009

a picture speaks 1000 words

I've been thinking a lot lately about photography. About how - when you blog is the center of your business - the emotional power of images plays such a huge role. Good photographs, good sets, good styling are so important.

They say a picture speaks 1000 words. I reckon 900 of those words are ones we make up in our own minds to form a story around the image. Look at any interiors photograph on Design*Sponge or The Design Files or Olivelse or Bloesem and think of all the assumptions you make about how the owners live, and how fantastic that life might be (even if it's not!). Sometimes the photos create a yearning to have a piece of that life, which we can do by buying or making something for ourselves. It can actually be quite manipulative, don't you think?

Anyway good photography is an area I really need to work on. Not to be manipulative as such, but so I can better convey the images & dreams I have in my head for my textiles. I'm slowly takings steps to work on this:

1) I bought myself a new camera! A Canon G10 (huge thanks to Marcel for getting it cheap for me!)

2) I've been thinking about & researching props etc for textile & product shoots

3) And... I made my blog template wider, so that I can link in my images from flickr which are larger and look MUCH better. Blogger compresses the bejeesus out of photos.

Anyway here's some random studio shots I took yesterday with the new camera. Nothing fancy, just playing around:

... and spindle
... & spindle

the ink mixing master
My Nana's old mixmaster... put to good use :)

Chromatically arranged inks

wall of swatches
Wall of ink sample swatches

birch apron
Apron prototype, also put to good use. Thinking of making apron kits actually - what do u reckon?

Yay new camera :)


Jacqui said...

I think photographs on a blog are really important, although it can be a sort of subconscious important sometimes, something you only notice when they're awful. I must admit when I see really beautiful, luminous rooms in those design blogs I sort of wonder what lighting and Photoshopping has contributed! How cynical of me.

Blogger is really very picture unfriendly; as a newbie it's very difficult to figure out how to get your blog looking not too skinny, not too wide, but just right. One day I'll figure it out!

meetmeatmikes said...

I think I like your necklace a lot too!

Michelle said...

The photos are great, and I like not using blogger to buggerise your lovely shots.

The ink photo is so pretty.

And I think aprons kits would be the bomb! Would love if you did it!

Liz Cox said...

Ditto on your necklace - love it!
If only I knew how to change such things as the width of my blog... i just look at all that code and glaze over.

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

Love these studio shots! The ink tests are wonderful to look at (I have a thing for tests like that) and I love the rainbow of inks. Your camera seems really nice, and I love Canons.

belinda marshall said...

love those colours!
am thinking i need to do all these things too. would love to get a new camera and take a few lessons of course :)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy that I got to take a peek into your studio. I enjoy seeing how other people do what they do.
Thanks, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

your photos look great! i have been worried about the same thing. i take my photos outside because of the lighting in my apartment. although, having to take them outside made me et creative in a way i wouldn't have had i been able to take them indoors. but, obviously taking them outside isn't always possible. so congrats on your new camera!

also, i'm glad you made the photos larger! it's a pet peeve of mine when people have the narrow journal & i can't see the pictures bigger.

Unknown said...

1000 words? bah! that just means we have too many of them... ;)

smileykylie said...

Hi Lara, love the new look, very noice. Blessings :)Kylie

Sarah said...

i'm not sure i like the wider format as i've got sooooo used your skinnier format, but i definitely agree that your photographs are fa-bu-lous!

i'm still working on my photography. having no skill at all.

(this is shirley of shirim; just using a friend's laptop)

Anonymous said...

on product photography: lighting is everything. unfortunately the majority of us don't have access to either a) professional flash kits or b) amazing lighting in our homes. i wish i did! i find my photos are so much nicer in summer because of the light.

but i know what you mean... it can be misleading... or not even that, but photos can be so selective and subjective. i do envy other people's lives through their photos, which is silly, i know! but i equally love and admire those blogs that show the mess and the reality of their lives and homes.

Anonymous said...

I agree, photos are very important in conveying so many things. I also recently got a new camera, and am trying to think about how I can get the most out of the camera.

Apron kits are definitely an excellent idea.

Annady said...

After sitting for a photography session on several sets, I now know how much more glamorous things can seem on film.

Your photos definitely make me wish I could jump into your life and hang out!

Leia Martin said...

Hi Lara,

As a photographer I use a lot of of pictures on my blogs and completely understand where you're coming from. I think the wider format is a great, although I haven't minded how my work looks on a blog.

And I actually think your photos are pretty good. Your lighting is always great, very natural. So I say keep up the good work.

Another way to learn a lot, not only about a new camera but to get the juices going is to do a Project 365 (I blogged mine You take a photo everyday for a year. Its amazing how creative you get, specially at 10pm and you haven't done a picture yet.

But keep up the good work!


Unknown said...

I'm a fine art photographer, and when I see good photography on a blog, I feel the same as you - ready to leap into those photos and start living in that dream world! Your photos do that for me already, by the way. :) But if you want to perfect your camera skills, this website might help you as it's helped me:

Have fun! (that's the main thing)

Anonymous said...

I have the Canon G9 and LOVE it. It will be good to you, I promise.

thea said...

I can't believe I only just discovered your blog. I'm a sydney sider and fellow designer/crafter ( & and LOVE your work.

I can't wait to check in very often in the future to see what inspiring things you are cooking up :)

olivelse said...

Thank you so much Lara for this link to my blog, you made me very glad! :)
I love your apron and I love the photo with the inks and the mixer!

Tamara said...

As a former textile colourist all of those takeaway boxes make me feel so good inside. I have always had a passions for arranging colours.

You are right a blog with gorgeous photos is so much more appealing to read.

Aprons would be a great idea

AMM blog said...

Like the apron kits!!;)

Frauke said...

which wonderfull colours , things and Photos,
my english is bad but I like your blog

Rosalind said...

Definitely all about the light! natural is best - I like late arvo light. The digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby is also great. I love your work!