Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not quite here

I am completely zoned out in the living room tonight. My brain is only half working. I'm flicking through my 157 unread craft blog feed items. Cruising cute overload, cake wrecks, fail blog and facebook - a veritable feast of geeky-ness for the half-asleep brain. Avoiding my inbox overflowing with unreplied emails.

I think it's partially the cold weather, partially hitting the wall after burning the candle at both ends. I'm allowing myself a couple of days respite before gearing up again for the big market next weekend.

Here's some pics from the Kensi market though :)

Looking a bit 'brrrrr'.

The day went really well, we learnt heaps and got some great new ideas already :)


mrs boo radley said...

It's all so wonderful! What a great venue with the green walls...

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

The table looks fantastic.

I had forgotten about cake wrecks- thanks for the reminder... had a great giggle!

Anonymous said...

Your stall looks great!

I hope you have a nice rest and good luck for the next market!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to failed blog. This one had me laughing so hard!

Tanya said...

Hey Lara...thanks for your comment on my blog.I'm Honoured:)

Yeh..experimenting is goooooood and thats one of the perks of being a student I guess;)

And oh..BTW not sure if you rememember but I interviewd you a while ago for a uni project.
Remembering????at all??Anywhooo..I've been reading your blog ever since and will be at the design market this weekend...will come and say heloo....!!!!

Alex Louisa said...

Oh yeah talk about being a bit 'brrrrr' - I was in Tassie and it was SNOWING! Ok, a tiny bit of white slush but still!

I need to come down to Melbourne soon. I will have to time it to make one of these markets I think! Your stall looks awesome, and I can see why you love those cool ladders!

Hope it's all going brilliantly for you :)

Unknown said...

Looks wonderful!

mizu designs said...

Congrats to you girls! I just couldn't brave that weather to come and have a look in person.