Friday, September 12, 2008

Bird Softie Kits - Australian Homespun

Just a quick note to let you know that the bird softie kits for the Australian Homespun tutorial are up in my shop :)

Unfortunately they do not contain the actual instructions as those are exclusive to the magazine - so you'll have to go out and buy it :)

Australian Homespun bird softie kits


Kristen Doran said...

Tweet tweet...congrats Lara.

stephanie levy said...

Hi Lara,

Your studio is coming along so well, and magazine articles with your fabrics, yeah!!

Please drop by to read some more praise in my interview today with Lynn Russell... have a great weekend!

Paula said...

I really love your colour combinations. Very striking. Polly x x x

Ollie + Junebug said...

hooray! i'm going to have to see if my sister-in-law out there can grab a copy of the magazine for me!

meetmeatmikes said...

Good on you Lara! The bird is lovely and the fabrics, of course, are super good!!!!!

Hana said...

Hi there,

I just came across your blog on Google Reader (it recommended you!) and I love it and your designs. I live in Japan and my favourite designer is Etsuko Echino

Your work is similar, so I thought you might like to see hers.

I will bookmark you - good luck with the studio!

Anonymous said...

i must be a goof, i can't figure out how to buy this kit. it is super super oober cute and i want to buy it. please help!!

~ janelle

Lara said...

Oops sorry Janelle! They'd sold out in my shop! I've restocked for you :)

Anonymous said...

Thats a very interesting post. I have been inspired. Thanks.