Wednesday, July 18, 2007


An exhausting start to the week. One of my 'real world' clients is having their opening night on Sunday and there's been lots to prepare for it. Promotional materials, signage for their premises, etc etc. I've never designed signage before but it's been a heap of fun - I like seeing my designs in real world contexts - hence the fabric production :)

Anyway, as retail therapy I just bought these two lovely letterpress prints from
Green Chair Press. I'd seen Susan's work featured in a few places before and have always liked it, but for some reason it didn't occur to me till yesterday to just go buy some.

Signs of Spring - by Green Chair Press

Wood Type Collage no. 9 - by Green Chair Press

Oh and thanks muchly to those who commented on my last post! I'm glad you could see past the garishness of that costume and find something positive to say!

Signing off now to go battle the cold in our car-with-no-heater. Our coldest day in 9 years yesterday. If only it had snowed in Melbourne too! I can only dream.


JK said...

I have heaps of that wooden printing type if you're could do your own fabulous stuff.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

First off: WOW! take up Jenny's offer above. Wood type is quite the commodity here in the US- hard to find good pieces + expensive!

Second: WOW (again)! We played around with wood type in my college courses, but that was just playing. Green Chair Press' work is absolutely stunning. I hope your “therapy” worked, no psychologist required.

Anonymous said...

I love illustrating with letters. these are great.


Fleissiges Lieschen said...

i love type and playing with it. great! and loving this wood type :)


Anonymous said...

I love type too, perhaps its a graphic designer thing?

The two prints are lovely. I'm glad to see you haven't bought the green chair press print I like! I'd better buy it before some one else does.