Sunday, May 13, 2007

More handprinted fabric and a mailing list - finally!

I'm a bit late in posting this but fellow craft blogger Shannon Lamden of Auntie Cookie has released her own range of hand printed fabric! Specs are the same as mine because it's printed at the same place, and they turned out great:

Oh Deers by Shannon Lamden

Cranes by Shannon Lamden

Both designs come in Cherry and Black. The Cranes are already sold out but you can still get the Deers from her Etsy shop here.

Meanwhile, after many lovely requests I've finally created a mailing list for fabric updates! I've also decided to be more formal about shop updates. Instead of putting the fabric up in my shop as soon as it arrives, i'll try to give at least a day's notice and will choose a specific time for the update. It's funny, I feel like a "real" etsy seller now, and find myself relating to those posts about getting dirty looks from disgruntled post office queues whilst I hold everyone up with all my parcels and customs forms.

Anyway you can go here to join the list, or just pop your email address into the field in the sidebar on the right.

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lupinbunny said...

I'm so glad about the mailing list! I can't believe that I missed out on Shannon's crane fabric when I saw her post about it on the same day she listed stuff! I never believed I'd be a person having to jump on the computer at a certain hour to get my hands on something.
*hanging out for red birdies and blue trees*