Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wilkins & Kent

Here is where I indulge in some gratuitous showing-off of a new piece of 'designer' furniture in our apartment. In fact it's our first & only piece of designer furniture, and our first proper joint purchase:

We made the mistake of walking into Wilkins & Kent whilst looking for a coffee table and both fell for it instantly. The Wilkins & Kent boys make such beautiful furniture and their whole store on Brunswick Street is full of wonderful things.

This morning I was joking around making the pattern below, titled "I Can Be A Stylist Too". It's supposed to be in mock of current design trends (I'm not really a 'stylist' kind of designer), but I showed it to Pete who said "hey, that actually looks cool". So it stays :)


Anonymous said...

Pete's right, it is cool! is fashion a trend at the moment? if it is then i must be a slave to fashion... i love it.

hey without being a pain in the arse, am i allowed to ask questions about how you produce your patterns?
i know there's a fine line between asking politely about process and annoying someone with pesky questions (not to mention plagiarism), but any info/advice you can give me would be lovely. i'm currently burning up a fever dreaming up lots of patterns but i can't seem to work out the best method of production. i'm a photoshop fan and Illustrator still scares me but i'm assuming i need to just suck it up and learn how to use it..?

anyway, lovely coffee table too! designer furniture is so. so. good, i fully believe in supporting local designers too. sadly i am still in the Ikea phase of furniture-buying. one day...!

Anonymous said...

er... i meant is ORANGE a trend.

cat collier martinez said...

hey yeah!!! it must stay!!!

nicole lecht said...

see it's almost like a happy accident!... i remember when jay and I bought our couch with our wedding money, it's like are most treasured piece of furnature..too bad it's been sitting in a storage unit for almost a year (booohooo!)
anywho..i'm sitting on the edge of my seat for your fabrics to be ready!!!
can't wait girl!

Anonymous said...

With a W&K cd unit behind me as I type, I know just what you mean. Enjoy it! Ih, wait, you already are...
see you, g