Friday, January 19, 2007

Freshly Blended Patterns

I just completed my first ever commissioned pattern design job! It was heaps of fun. Nicole from freshly blended needed some patterns to compliment her new brand, site and packaging, and in return she's making me one of her beautiful hand bound books. I'm very excited.

What is it about collaborating with someone from the craft world that feels so much more satisfying and enjoyable than collaborating with someone from the graphic design world? The reason struck me when I was writing an email to Nicole about this very topic, and I wonder why I never conciously registered it before. The graphic design world is male dominated. The craft world is female dominated. I'm making some massive generalisations here I know, but to me the graphic design world often has a hard edge and can be quite competitive. The fact that there is so much ephasis amongst 'top' design studios on winning design awards is a testament to this. On the flip side the craft world is soft and nurturing and encouraging, and has helped me to flourish creatively.

Thinking back on the contract jobs I've done in studios around Melbourne (admittedly not that many), only one place had another female creative. Crazy.

Anyway ... /rant. Hope everyone has a great weekend and doesn't become a puddle in the heat or an icecube in the snow.

P.S. - thanks to Jem from Imagescience for mentioning my blog and website in his newsletter!!


Unknown said...

I think I'm going to get some things printed up at Image Science. I should be doing a lot more art, seeing that is what my degree is in! I just got a lovely big easel delivered today so hopefully more will come! Great write up in the newsletter as well.

Kristen Doran said...

Lara, that is SO exciting. Congrats on your first pattern job.

Casey Maura said...

The graphic design world is male dominated.

I think thats an interesting point. I'm a graphic design major, and I think that I've solved part of the "gender gap" thing: a lot of female designers are teaching (all my profs have been women) rather than competing in the graphic design workforce. I think it would be super cool to work with artists and such once I got my degree... but thats a few years off. ;)

Beautiful patterns--I just love the modern organic nature of them!! Thanks for the inspiration! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh the patterns are gorgeous! What a lovely collaboration:)

nicole lecht said...

lara! i can't thank you enough for your beautiful work...your books are comming soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lara, working in the graphic design industry I know exactly what you mean. The craft/sewing thing is so much more friendly and much less ego. I was the only girl amongst 15 guys in my current company. We have other girls now but none directly involved in the graphics side of things.

AND, the patterns are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful new patterns - not just these, but the others that you posted a few days ago too.

Congratulations! I just love your work.

Anonymous said...

love that bottom design. so sweet!

hmm, you make an interesting point about the design world. It can be very ego-based at times. (Much like the music world!)
I often wonder if it's people's insecurities that cause them to project that ego thing.
As creative people, we have to keep our egos in check in order to progress and grow.

My workplace is totally female dominated, with more female designers than male, and i find it's quite supportive.

(no offence guys, im sure you're not all ego maniacs!)

Anna said...

wow you have been busy lately! I always look forward to see what you have posted.

I think the comment you made regarding the male dominated graphic design industry is interesting. I work in fashion which has the opposite problem- it is very much female orientated, and the ratio of female to male at work (am I bored???) is 10:4- thats still a big difference. And there was only one guy in my fashion design year at uni- VCD (graphics, animation, advertising and illustration) however had a fairly equal seeming gender balance- so one day I think there will be many more female graphic designers.