Friday, June 23, 2006

Pete's been home sick the last two days and it's been nice to have company. He said to me - I don't know how you can work from home all day- it's so quiet here ... no wonder you're so chatty when I get home and want to go out at the end of the day! It's interesting to hear somebody else's perspective of my work life. You just "get used to" working alone, and it'd be really weird for somebody who spends ever workday surrounded by people and noise.

That said I'm looking forward to winding up my home business and finding work at a nice studio. Somewhere where the people are friendly and knowledgable, passionate about design but not obsessed with style and "cool". It's not important to me what fancy design magazines and competitions feature your work - what's important is that your design does what it's supposed to do and does it well.

These guys look really good - They did the Nicola Cerrini logo and the massive Arts House sign down the street at the North Melbourne town hall. They also have a cool "typo tour" of a few areas in melb including North Melbourne which is nice.


Anonymous said...

Living in West Melbourne I ogle that sign daily, wishing to somehow steal a letter or two for my home!! I was going to do the typo tour alos but a uni mate and I are planning to do our own, Im happy to email you the route once we work it out? We are walking around the city lazy I know!!

Lara said...

Hi Shannon - that sounds great! Please do!

I've noticed that typography/logotypes often look _so_ much better when 3 dimensional & cut out of wood or metal or something. Even a relatively poorly designed logo looks good made into a sign :)