Thursday, November 22, 2007

Stocked up

Woohooo, my shop actually has a decent amount of stock in it for once! I uploaded a bunch of mix packs this morning, plus the two ginkgo designs, and I think for once there's enough for everybody... plus more :)

And this might seem like Deja Vu if you've read Kristen's post - but check out this lovely little package I received from Suz of Cocoon in Launceston:

How did she know I have a lip balm obsession!?

We've only spoken over the phone but she sounds sooooo lovely, and bought a bunch of my stuff for her shop. And check out how gorgeous it is! (I pilfered these photos from Kristen's blog too):

More photos here.

It's funny how you suddenly get a whole new impression of a town you've never been to once you know there is an awesome, funky shop there. I might catch the boat over to Tassie one day and check it out!


Victoria E said...

I got my hands on some of the green ginkgo fabric - woohoo. This is my first time getting some of your fabric and very much look forward to deciding on a project soon :D

Hollabee said...

don't open the champagne too soon...I reckon your fabric will all be snapped up by the end of tomorrow...You should say cheers to that ;)

Cheeky Beaks said...

Can I come too?

masweylord said...

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