Monday, November 05, 2007


My sewing machine must really hate me now. For months it has been making this weird clacking noise whilst sewing. Then, the other day it started making this horrible high pitched screeching noise, and then refused to go all together.

I had a look inside, nothing,
seeemed to be wrong, caught, or out of place. But then I had the genius idea of giving it some lube. Et voila. No screeching, not even clacking, running as smooth as silk. For how long had my machine been crying out for attention and I'd been neglecting it?? Very, very bad.

Anyway I finally finished making my birdy softie, which needed a tail, and am going to contribute it to Softies for Mirabel. I probably should have made something more colorful for the kiddies. Maybe i'll try my hand at making another, simpler toy.


Lissy said...

stunning...I wouldn't be able to part with it!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

That is just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

oh my this is lovely!

i really enjoy browsing your blog :)

of paper & thread said...

oh it's so gorgeous lara! i love it!

Kloth & Bolt said...

oh no! maybe i need to lube my machine!

the bird is beautiful! -kb

ShiriMe! said...

bird is lovely. i like the tail too! i hate to say it, but the tail is better than the one you made of a similar bird from ages ago... lah di dah... haha.

lara, you should make things to sell! with your own fabric! it'll sell like hotcakes.

btw - when's more fabric gonna be sold? i wanna preorder again because i lost out on all the notebook kits and packaged fabrics that were sold. plus, i used up all the fabric i bought. will have to put up a photo of what i've made.


Heather Moore said...

your blog's looking so pretty!

BTW, Thought you might like to know that I've done a little trend roundup on the Elle Decoration SA blog (, including your terraces design.


I am Jen said...

Love this!

Marianne said...

Great little birdie!

I bought some cards of your design at Moo to use for my family Christmas cards. Because the cards are square, I have to use a 58 cent stamp (17 cent more than regular postage due). I found a source for making my own stamps certified by the United States Postal Service and have the idea of using one of your designs for the postage on the 3 dozen stamps. I am writing here to ask your permission to use the deer design in jpeg form. Please?

Let me know by emailing me at

The link for the stamp source is

Thank you.

Patricia said...

how beautiful!

Anonymous said...

lara: your moo xmas is up!
saw it via some links to moo. thought i will let you know.

Catherine said...

I love your bird, the tail is gorgeous!

nicole lecht said...

love it! hey girl u should come do our swap...come see!

Jelly Wares said...

Don't feel guilty... I've neglected a sewing machine or two in my time too. The bird looks gorgeous!!


Jessica said...

so adorable!! I love the tail.