Saturday, November 03, 2007

Let's go picnic!

The fruits of my recent Shinzi Katoh obsession:

The little lunchboxey thing at the front was a belated birthday present from the famous Aunty Cookie- thanks Shannon!
That's definitely all I'm going to buy for now - a much too expensive obsession.

I discovered the hard way that the design on the bottle can be scratched if I'm not careful. So I made this:

... using perfectly apt
"i am drinking" linen tape from a recent swap with Leslie from Good-ness. Hee!

On that note, here's the rest of the swap - Shinzi, Lotta, linen tape, craft mag... wasn't she fantastic! Very generous :)

P.S. - So funny, when I was taking those pics on my balcony a guy on the street below looked up and said "ebay? i know ... i've done it a million times".

Hehehe, not quite, but he was close enough :)


Hollabee said...

Cool bag & pouch to have your cool (mini) drink bottle in ;)
Gotta love taking photos on the balcony, if only I had an awesome furniture set, cool plants, pots etc get the idea. said...

OMG, she gave you Lotta Jansotter fabric! Lucky-duck!

ShiriMe! said...

how did she get lotta jansdotter fabric? like person said above: lucky duck!

Janice said...

Oh my. I followed your link....that Shinzi quilted and laminated fabric! :thud:

leslie said...

the bottle cover is perfect. a good mix between your great fabric ... and a little japanese goodness.

Gene said...

Japanese goodies are the best! And I'm loving the fabric, I'm so into brown these days.

kat said...

oh I have been wanting to buy from that site forever! But I get overwhelmed with all the products, I want to buy then all :)

I'm going to buy something this week from there!

Lovely stuff from Leslie. She's the sweetest.

Kloth & Bolt said...

love the bottle! adorable. How great is Leslie! -kb

Liss said... funny.

lindsey clare said...

hahaha. what a dude.

oooh Lotta fabric - lovely.