Friday, November 16, 2007

New fabric and a note about pricing

New fabric is in the shop right now!

Now, I don't assume for a second that you guys haven't noticed my prices steadily increasing over the year. Pricing is a really difficult subject and something I do a lot of thinking, research and stressing about. This time, the prices have gone up again for a few reasons. 1, to accommodate the fact that the USD has been weakening, and with Etsy forcing us to list in USD us Aussies have been losing out. 2, to be more fair to my wholesale customers and not be undercutting them so much (thanks to
Bianca and Craft Inc. for this advice!). And 3 to be more fair to myself, if I want to be able to make an actual living out of doing this. So yeah. Prices will continue to go up slowly, but will stop when they reach a point that's fair for all :) I promise it won't be crazy expensive :)


Anonymous said...

I'm de-lurking for this issue......

It's true that you don't have as many overheads as a shop, and therefore you can afford to be a little cheaper, but.... don't undersell yourself either! Many craftspeople, especially in the beginning, seem to do that. It's understandable I guess when you aren't sure if anyone will like, let alone buy, what you're making. But $15 for half a metre of professionally printed fabric by an independent designer is NOT expensive, not to me and hopefully not to any person out there with good sense.

And yes, I think sellers in the UK & Europe have been having the same problem because of the weak US dollar. I've noticed some of my favourite people have had to bump up their prices recently. On the flipside - stuff I'm buying from US sellers seems so much cheaper now. ;)


ShiriMe! said...

I am actually not too familiar with money - how posting prices in US dollars affect sellers who don't use the USD (I really can't get my head around the issue - perhaps I need a crash course in economics or something). But definitely do not undersell yourself and your goods. Now, certainly, I as someone who is still currently in college with no real income and parents who have to pay full tuition and housing would definitely appreciate a cheaper price, but for the quality that you bring, the prices are indeed fair. It is true a yard/meter of fabric in a fabric store would cost the same as half of yard/meter of yours, but it is totally not the same. Those fabrics as mass-produced. Those fabrics are not printed on expensive cloth nor are they created by a one-woman business. So, I say, pay the expensive price and enjoy it. Call it luxury fabric. :) :) :) Of course, this just means I'll have to sell anything I make with your fabric a bit more expensive than things I make with store-bought fabric. But that's just business and that's just life.

Long rant short: we love your merchandies, goods, art, whatever you shall name it. we, many of us trying to get in the business of selling our own goods too, understand the difficulty with pricing - being fair to both seller and buyer. and we can definitely appreciate when you just have to increase your prices. Heck, I increase my childcare rate by $1 a year (which is really a big increase) to cover the increasing costs of living. (and my time is just oh so precious! haha).

I cannot wait to receive my package of yummy fabric from you. I am going to try and go to the bank before I head out to babysit tonight so I'll have the money ready for the invoice. Thanks!


Anonymous said...


It just has to do with exchange rates. The US dollar has fallen in value. Thus when etsy prices are converted back to Aust dollars/Pounds Sterling/Euros/ whatever, they're worth less in that currency than they used to be.


Drewzel said...

I agree with msd, $15 dollars is not expensive (although having said that, I don't even have $15 till next payday ahah). Just popped into your shop and nearly everything you listed is gone. WOW!

Just a thought, have you looked into setting up a shop for the Aussie locals on

Tali said...

quality products = quality pricetag

littlemissmeshell said...

Oh WAAAAAAHHHHH! I missed the blue poppies :(

Why did I sleep in today!? :P

Hyena In Petticoats said...

I don't think the price rise is too much.....In fact, in my perfect world, handmade goods would be luxury items, with the corresponding pricetag, instead of shitty gucci bags made in China.....

AND the fact that I wandered over to your shop to snap up some red geese, and probably some blue bonsai - and you are ALL SOLD OUT - tells me that your price rise doesn't matter a damn to those crafty mamas out there who can smell quality a mile away! I'm so bummed that I missed out, again!

Well done! You deserve to be so successful...


Hollabee said...

OMG, Leah (hyena in Petticoats) I'm so with you on that one...those gucci bla bla things are made for $2 and sold for $2000
Handmade goodies are the best and the creator should be rewarded for that...well they should at least be able to have some leftover money after all the materials and time they've put in..we need to eat too ;)
Lara, I reckon you did well..and I'm soon going to follow (my own advice)..My next print will be more pricey and on the same base cloth as yours so buyers can mix & match ;)

leslie said...

shoot. i go to work for the day. and miss this. more gorgeous fabric. i will pay more attention. next time.

ShiriMe! said...

just curious... is the conversion rate updated to reflect the changing dollar? or is the problem stemming from the fact that it's steadily falling each day and so you can't keep up with the changes? i know that the canadian dollar (at least a few weeks ago when i checked) is now worth a tiny bit more than the us dollar but books are still published with canadians paying more for it than americans (as in, the price tag does not reflect current conversion rates). i can then see why there's a problem. sorry, non-crafty related question. just wondering because i'm bad with spatial reasoning and other things that require that part of the brain. i dont like abstract-ish stuff, like numbers. bleh.

anywho... i guess i'll just have to get rich to keep up with the prices of handmade goodies. although i do like handmade as i handmake stuff myself, it's just so painful to pay $50 for a tote bag i know i could've made myself if i just had the same fabric that the seller used. which is why i someday hope to make my own fabric. then the problem will be solved! haha.

lara -- i think all these comments here are just wonderful. so many supporters of your work. you have a following. you have fans! and friends! :) :) :)

Amy Nieto said...

Because it's almost midnight and I have to get something to eat, I will not be too eloquent with my post. Instead, I will just concur with what everybody has said so far about your pricing. Whereas I've never been able to purchase any of your goodies, I see your fabric as a work of very fine art and a slightly higher than "normal" price tag is completely reasonable. So, you got my high-five :P

And anyways, I've actually never known your prices per meter because every time I head on to your etsy shop everything is FREAKIN SOLD OUT. Except today.

But guess what, I have WAY TOO MANY PROJECTS piled up in my craft room. So, your fabric will have to wait in a queue. hehe

Anyways, shine on, Lara, shine on you fantastic textile diamond!

Heather Moore said...

Oh, what fantastic comments from everyone on this issue that's a really tricky one for us out-of-US sellers!

And I'm so with Amy - I've also never got to see your per metre prices cos I ALWAYS miss your shop updates! Congrats on the sales rush. I guess you've got your work cut out for you on the weekend :)

Little Bitsys said...


I love your fabric and don't think you are overpricing it one bit. It's so individual and unique and handmade is so important. I trust whatever pricing you decide on and will continue to purchase! Congrats on the success!


mark uk clothing wholesaler said...

Absolutely fantastic fabrics. I don't think it is over priced. One has to adjust the pricing as the exchange rate varies. Many people still manage to make good profit by getting the stuff dropshipped.