Monday, November 26, 2007

good things

I just love all the responses to my creativity post! If you haven't read them, check them out! Some fantastic stories and insights there - it's so good to have my thoughts on the topic validated too. There are so many "gems" in amongst the comments, but here are just a few:

"I firmly believe that creativity is something we all have within us, it is only about the confidence and support to let go of these 'adult' feelings of it not being good enough or right or worthy. Once you can release those fears and just go for it, everyone can unleashed their creativity."

"...a lot of what people construe as creativity is the result of damn hard work and patience! And you can be as creative as all hell and never make a thing if you don't dig in to your ideas and do some work. :)"

"Sure, I was good at drawing as a young child, but that is what I did *all* the time. Lots & lots of practice."

"It's scary to think that with people publishing things like that, there could be tons of artists just giving up instead of working harder to develop there talents into more than just a interest. I think if you have a want and will to learn, the doors are always open."

"This is too true! I have always likened it to the fact that we were "taught" to write and form the letters and words, and it took years of practice and study to perfect how you do this physically and then how you learnt to compile them in a way to express and communicate. We all have very different levels of how we write and communicate. Like anything it's those who practice these skills who are the best at it. I think art and creativity is the same and yet people dont understand the "practice" element of this industry too!"

There are many other good things going on around here at the moment. Stitching night last night at Mikes was a whole lot of fun. I made a Japanesey-esque design to be made into a notebook cover and discovered the joys of split stitch:

My box of Moo Xmas cards arrived in the mail, and I'm really happy with how they turned out - I hadn't seen them printed until now. You can get yours here
[yay shameless self promotion].

And last but not least, our new bespectacled, dorky, yet somewhat endearing Prime Minister. Looking forward to seeing what a change can bring! I have high hopes.


Meet Me at Mikes said...

You stitch very nicely, Ms Cameron! Ixcellent job! There was a bit of bitch in the stitch last night, i might add! Thanks for coming!

Fibo said...

Hey there,
I was at stitching last night too but we didn't really get introduced, I was the newbie down the other end of the table. I only just figured out who you are after seeing the photo of your stitching last night. Just wanted to say that I am in love with you patterns over at moo, especially the christmas ones and I'm trying to find an excuse to buy something! They would look fantastic on fabric napkins or aprons or something, anyway just an idea! Lone your work :)

Hollabee said...

bugger I missed feeling a little better but am not there yet. Thanks for the sweet email :)

Love the moo cards and the little fabric swatch ;)

of paper & thread said...

love the moo cards and the stitching looks great!

Queen Vee said...

Oh, I don't know, I think Kevin07's bespectacled look is quite cute. :)

alina said...

Uh oh, I didn't realise that was you either, and I've just remembered I might have been excitedly pointing out to my friend lots of detail about your fabrics in the shop - how embarrasment! I was sitting two people away stitching the bug... embarassed now...

ShiriMe! said...

hi lara, just popping in to let you know that i am still alive and still working on the actually getting myself down to the bank across campus. i may have to wait until i go into the city when i am home (again) this weekend. ahhh! so... i probably won't get your package of goodies until after christmas... assuming there will be delays in shipping by the time i pay you. haha. oh well. happy new year instead! :) love the cards by the way. love love love everything you do!

Julie said...

wow! great job with those cards, and the stitching.

patricia said...

I love the stitching and your cards look wonderful!

Anna said...

Hi Lara,

The embroidery looks great! I keep forgetting that embroidery can be simple.. i keep going OTT with mine (even the 'simple' ones!)

I think your post about creativity was great and that it opened up a good discussion- especially when one is having creativity woes! I think that watching your work grow over the past year or so (first blog I spotted!) has made realise that you only get out what you put in... and that I should apply myself more! keep up the good work!


glorydaze said...

Your cards are great! I have also just linked you from my blog re your creativity post, what a great discussion you have created!

Scribbit said...

I'll have to go back, I must have missed that post, I was thinking about creativity myself after a couple amazing sites I saw talking about it lately

creativity helps keep me sane as a mom!