Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rainy Market Days

Myself and the Ink & Spindle girls are off to another market today - The Yarraville Christmas market. And of course it's raining ... again. Luckily we're indoors again (the Masonic Hall, corner of Canterbury and Willis streets) which is in the Yarraville village centre, so only a quick dash for all those breakfast and coffee goers who flood the village centre on weekends.

As usual, we'd love it if you came to visit us and said hello. But please don't steal our business cards since you already know our website and our huge stack of 500 has been wittled down to 50 already ;)

And, for those who can't make it, I've just updated the shop with some new fabrics, yay! I love how these all turned out:

Birch in chocolate on natural (when we mix this ink in our kitchen mixer it looks sooo much like chocolate and we have to restrain ourselves)

Ginkgo in snow

Birch in soft moss

Birch in Robins Egg

I do also plan to list some mix packs early next week. I keep saying that but I promise it'll happen this time :)


Jodie said...

ooh Hope it goes well and you hang on to your business cards!

Michelle said...

Hope you had fun at the market! I received my fabric and book today - thank so much! They are both exactly what I was after.

Saskia said...

You guys are so talented, a cut above! I can't wait to order some fabric to see it in person and start covering everything I own with it! I see a big future for your shop!!