Tuesday, December 02, 2008

No rest for the crafty

Whew! I loved doing the Design Market but man am I glad it's over. We burned the midnight oil getting all the final bits and pieces ready and packing our cars to the rafters, and of course no sooner than my head hit the pillow what happened? Nothing! No sleep! My mind was too abuzz. I only slept 3 hours before getting up at the crack of dawn. I tell you what though - I loved driving through the city at 7am on a Sunday - so quiet and still. Makes you feel like the city is your very own for a short while.

Here's some pics, more on the Ink & Spindle blog.

I feel so privileged that we got to participate in a market that just a year ago seemed like a completely unachievable goal. It was such a great learning experience too. Thanks so much to everyone who popped down to say hello. And to those who looked like they were about to ... but were too shy ;)

Next up - the Yarraville Christmas Market! No rest for us just yet :)


R said...

Whoops, that was me! Still feels kind of creepy to say 'Hi. I read about you on the Internet'.

Beautiful stall though, can't wait to give my sister one of the fabric packs for Chrissie - and such a good story to go along with it too.

Fifi said...

Wow, great to hear you guys managed to set up a market stall already!
Congrats for that! And I hope your ink and spindle continues to grow.
I always love reading your blog and share your love of design, pattern, and of course,running your own business.

kirsten said...

mmm. i was in that latter category, too, i'm afraid.
stall looked great. so many lovely things.
and happy to link your fabric on my blog today but wasn't sure the best spot to do that, so put in a couple of options. let me know if i can improve on that.

Allison said...

Hmmm, so funny you mentioned that ... I feel like I know you but then feel silly to say Hi! when I know you wont know me but the intention was there. Smiling sweetly on the inside tho.

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

that looks like it was so incredibly awesome. you're so lucky! thanks for the inspiration of 'what can be'.


diana said...

That is one sweet market stall. Wish I lived down your way, yet again.

R Storch said...

looks like a beautiful stall - well done! : )

leslie said...

ah ha - i might get to meet you lovely ladies yet! i just saw a poster for the yarraville market today and was thinking i might pop over. my mom and sister are visiting from canada so we'll have to see what they have their hearts set on doing their first weekend in melbs : )