Saturday, January 05, 2008

little book & linen

Check out this gorgeous little book that Pete's mum made for me for Christmas. It reminds me of something straight out of a Japanese craft book - that sort of sweet, neutral & natural aesthetic that they've got going on lately:

The little thumbnails don't do it justice, so click to see a larger version and all the little handmade pieces inside (including "pilot Pete" as a little bub, hehe).

Kind of reminds me of this gorgeous Japanese linen site.

Speaking of, it looks like I'm back on the hunt to find another good supplier of linen/cotton linen. I love the linen I've been printing on recently, but my supplier has run out of the lighter, cream coloured one (used for Bulokku). It's really hard to find decent, natural looking linen. I want something with a nice slub in it and natural colouring... rather than all even, mass-produced looking and bleached/dyed. Hmm....


Anna Laura said...
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Anna Laura said...

That is a stunning gift! I love using white in things and the white on white linen embroidery is really beautiful.

As for linen suppliers, I wouldn't have a clue, I find it SO hard to find decent suppliers, the internet is never any help!

I also think your moving into home wares in your previous blog is a great idea, I bet in a years time we will all be saying "I knew Lara when...." while you're taking on the world!

Elizabeth said...

try talking to Molly at Ambatalia Fabrics ( she's in California, but carries several linens and linen/silk blends and might be able to help you out with finding a supplier.

de vliegende koe said...

The little book is a very special gift. I love linen. For clothes, for home wares, for lots of things. Good luck with finding a supplier.

Brierley & Clover said...

Wow Lara, that book is gorgeous! What a great mother in law (kinda) you must have!

Anna said...

Hi Lara,

have you tried Cooper Watkinson? I'm not sure if they have a branch in australia, but they are a reasonably big supplier for fashion companies in nz. Also Charles parsons may be of some help. I have some ragtrader magazines here at work. if you would like i can peep through them and see if there are any wholesalers in aussie for you.


Jade said...

I have used some gorgeous organic linen sourced through:
The owner is lovely and helpful and could perhaps hook you up with something fitting.
good luck!