Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Good mail day

Often I find myself compulsively checking the mailbox 2 or 3 times a day. Even when I know it's too early for the postie to have come, or impossible for him to have come between then and the last time I checked.

But today when I got back home (after putting in my first ever pair of contact lenses - OMG so good!) I was finally rewarded with some much anticipated exciting mail:

These gorgeous prints from the yumi yumi etsy shop. Much much better in person - I need a better camera!!

Some much awaited swatches from www.pickhemp.com. Piles and piles of beautiful hemp/linen/organic cotton based fabric swatches. And decent prices too! Only problem is that the shipping costs might really blow the price out. Just waiting to hear back on that now. Fingers crossed!!


futuregirl said...

Yumi yumi is AWESOME. Thanks for mentioning it. I hadn't seen it yet. Now I have something else to pine for. :)

Lovely Paper said...

i have been eyeing those prints for days... lucky you :)

Victoria E said...

The hemp fabrics look great. I have that particular website linked on my own blog - they seem like pretty nifty folks.

Also, a big hurrah for a great mail day. :)