Friday, August 31, 2007

New website - yay!

Thank you everyone for the really lovely comments about the letterpress cards and the Japan trip! I wish that I could reply to everyone's comments so that people know that they're appreciated but time just slips away so quickly. I hate to think how many hours of the day I spend writing emails!

I wanted to write a blog post about the Japan trip but I really don't know what to say! It really was a fantastic experience, and very inspiring. I found I was more inspired by modern Japanese design (like what you'd find in craft books etc) than the traditional designs of washi paper and kimomos. The traditional designs have heavily influence my work in the past but maybe I'm moving on from that now. But anyway, the modern/cute/crafty stuff has inspired me so much that I've gone ahead and completely redesigned my website!

I've been obsessively working on it solidly for the last few days and am SO glad it's finally up. The redesign was much overdue!

Oh by the way - for Japan, I highly recommend Retro Mummy's guide to crafty shopping in Tokyo. I unfortunately forgot to print off her list before I left and subsequently didn't get to all the places on there - but it's a must have for anyone who plans to go!

Oh and if anyone wants to see our happy snaps of the trip, you can see them here. I uploaded them to Pete's flickr account because I wanted to keep mine just "crafty". Anyway they're not awesome photos, more just happy snaps, but good to have anyway :)


emma said...

Wonderful website and wonderful work <3 Great job!

Corrie said...

I totally agree about Japan! its all the modern stuff that amazes...I also loved that ladies wore clothes that looked straight out of a japanese craft book!

I can't believe you didn't make it to odakyu but I'm glad my list helped! I know there were more stores I didn't get too but once you get there you kind of have overload and need to prioritise

love your new site as well...I can't get enough of those cute birds!

Becka said...

Oh that is a beautiful well done web design, I love it.

sia said...

your new website is g-g-g-great!
love it.


Victoria E said...

The new site looks fantastic and congrats on getting it up so quickly.

kootoyoo said...

Your website is sensational!

annalaura said...

The new website looks great, I love the linen under the menu. I'm glad Japan was good, I would love to go there one day.

Anonymous said...

love the new site lara! it's so pretty - Caylie