Saturday, August 04, 2007

Thinkin' thinkin'

Shannon and I went to the Life In Style trade show last night. I'd never been to a trade show before. It was very inspiring and thought provoking - seeing people in a similar field to myself who have taken things to the next step.

It poses a interesting question though - how far do I want to take this fabric venture? It seems like there are two main options. Stick with producing things on a small scale, for sale in my own shop and just a few other places. Or, start getting things professionally produced from the fabric, on a larger scale, selling in shops and doing the whole trade show thing.

I don't know - the latter sounds so very 'huge', but I guess it doesn't have to be. Some people probably just start inching in that direction and before they know it they have a 'range'. Anyway, food for thought.

Meanwhile, I'm looking into making products from my fabric that are a little less labour intensive. I put this little prototype kit together last week (and was quite taken aback to see something very similar at the trade show already - eep!). But anyway, little DIY notebook cover kits with fabric and instructions:

Leave the hard (sorry, fun) work up to someone else!


Anonymous said...

one step at a time :)
Well for it to earn a living - i guess you'll have to do the whole shebang. you'll figure it out :)

and glad you can make sept 23 too.

Victoria E said...

That is a good thing to ponder. Right now, it seems like you are having fun and letting the fabric part of your freelance business grow organically, so if you are not ready to make a decision on what to do next, just go with the flow.

The book cover kit looks adorable, by the way. :) I'd totally get one of those for my mom.

leslie said...

digging you packaging, looks great!

leslie said...

um, your packaging.

although i'm sure YOU packaging would be rather lovely , too : )

cristina said...

you can do whatever you want to do. your talented...have the creativity...and just need to decide what fits best with your personal goals. in the mean time...loving the notebook kit.

Hollabee said...

Guess you still have heaps of time to decide what you'll come to you when you're ready...

Am jealous've got the design side under control...I only have the business side under control & I have so many ideas, but without the design I won't get far ;)

You'll get there, don't worry about the word ain't that scary ;)

take care

Liss said...

I really like this notebook kit.

Ive been thinking that I would really like a slip-on cover for the book Im reading...because Im often carrying it around in my handbag and the corners get all wrecked.

This is even worse if Im borrowing the book from a friend, as I dont want to give it back to them damaged.

paolability said...

The fact that someone else has come up with the kit idea for notebook covers means that it's a good idea. It's to be expected that other people would have similar ideas of what to do with patterned fabric.

You have something special, though - your patterns. :-)

Yuko said...

great idea!
your works are all so inspiring.
love your moo stickers too.

lusummers said...

heyho! have you given any thought to getting in touch with the people who produce craft fabric for the patchwork and quilting market? i'm not sure about aussie brands but in the uk there's a company who will buy designs from frelancers. a million years ago i produced a collection for them. i can't say i enjoyed the experience too much (sorry, not selling this idea am i? but that was just the company;)
the other downsides;

you have to know EXACTLY the way you want your fabric to look and not to be swayed (i know, i've been there and a woman took against me at a company and made my life VERY difficult)

you only get paid once for a collection, but if you're very clever you could get royalties.

the upsides;

you get your fabric out to a wider audience.

people will know your name.

it's a regular income and you don't have to faff about with the printing side of it.

just something else to think about, look at heather bailey and anna maria horner for their stories!

Corrie said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh a trade show sounds the kit idea and it looks so great...I'd buy one

greenolive said...

go with the flow. But I you like designing, then the kits a good way for you to do that and let whoever buys it to the creating. I read that Jo Sharp stopped selling hand knitted stuff and decided to concentrate on designing the yarns (the best!) and the patterns instead. Now she has gone to a whole new level she could not have gone to selling jumpers for $200 or whatever they would have cost.

Heather Moore said...

Hmm, I completely understand how you feel. When does one take the next step, and must one? It's been causing me some wide-awake wee hours lately.

Gracie said...

Your blog is so inspiring! I've been a lurker for awhile.

The kits look great! I'll be coming often to check things out =)


I am Jen said...

It is hard to ponder how big someone wants to go with their business. It is overwhelming. Take it slow and I am sure good things will come about. I think the kit is awesome!