Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I've had so many fabric-esque thoughts going through my head of late. Dreams of Shinzi Katoh designs and cute shops in Japan, more dreams about Marimekko and Scandinavian design and Lotta Jansdotter and shapes and colours and ideas running through my head. A new design popped out - exciting. Will show you later ;)

I am soooooo eagre to get my next batch of fabric designs/colourways printed!! I've been waiting weeks for my fabric supplier to get more linen in, and finally it's on it's way to the printer. Now I just have to wait for them not to be busy. Damn it's so frustratingly slow this process. I need to learn to have a few batches in the works at once rather than consecutively.

Anyway, I got all giddy with excitement the other day when I fiiiinally got to make some fabric mix packs out of the cotton/linen fabrics! All orders and swaps out of the way, I could cut up the rest. And they'll be up in the shop tomorrow morning at 9:00am.

propigated golden jades
I love a plant you can propagate as easily as chopping off a branch and plonking it in a new pot of soil. Note said mix packs in background :)


Jelly Wares said...

Can't wait to see the new fabric designs!!!
I too love plants that are easily propergated. Instant gratification is gauranteed every time!!


leslie said...

new designs. i, too, am anxious. and excited.
love that word .... plonked.

abbyjane said...

Oh a little mixed pack is just perfect for me! I only use little tiny bits of fabric. I will try try try to get one.

Kaija said...

Hi Lara!

I've got some old Marimekko scraps I know I don't use, and thought maybe you would like to have them? They're about 13x13cm squares (if I remember right), quite dark colors and simple designs (mostly stripes).

Tali said...

hey, the little jade offcut you gave me has grown and... turned totally red!!
i'll send you a pic :)