Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Quick ramble

Man I have been such a slack blogger of late. I get a little stressed out about the fact that I don't have time to respond to all the lovely comments people leave. I hope I don't offend anyone when I don't. Gosh thats such a silly thing to worry about. I'm sure this lady would tell me off for such thoughts :P

Anywhoo, it feels weird to write a post without any pics so here's some shots of a new toy I have in my office, which some of you might find quite useful/interesting:

It's this cool little add-on to my printer called a CIS. Ink gets fed in to the printer from 6 large ink bottles, which makes printing SOOOOOOO much cheaper than those hideously expensive cartridges. Perfect for small business people like me who chew through lots of ink printing labels and proofs and things. More info here.

In shop news, some fabric mix packs and notebook kits are going up in the shop tomorrow morning :)

Oh and thanks for the great response to the Xmas designs - quite overwhelming! I'm not sure when they'll be up and available on the Moo site, but I'll let you know when they are!


de vliegende koe said...

I love your Christmas designs! Yesterday your fabric arrived. It’s sooo beautiful!!

Becka said...

That is one awesome new toy! Oh my, great idea, I didn't even know they had something like that. My printer is all messed up, so sad. I am going to be getting a new one soon.

I can't wait to see your Christmas designs, good luck. I shall wait to place a moo order till the new stuff is out. :) Love your work, always.

nicole lecht said...

i just posted about being a slacker too, your not the only one who feels bad! ...package is coming! oh and YES, we can do fabric...i found a way!!!!!

Tina said...

Hey Lara! Love the reindeer. They are so cute. I am looking forward to your next etsy fabric sale. Thanks for sending us advance notice. :) That printer is cool. I hope something similar is available in the States.

lekkercraft said...

That printer ink extension is brilliant! I always just refilled my cartridges to save $$. Thanks for the tip.

Kirsty said...

That IS a good idea.

Lark said...

Thanks for this, I'm going to look into it, I go through so much ink with my two printers. It's not so much the expense that bothers me but the fact that I'm using so much plastic - my inkjet printer has cartridges that you can't even get refilled. Last week I went to buy a new set of cartridges at $65 and next to them on the shelf was a whole new printer with a set of cartridges included for only $70. What's going on here?!

karen said...

that is so cool... i need that for my printer too. love your work.

Poonum said...

Hi Lara,

Love your stuff...I live in London, and have been trying to get hold of a Gocco...was wondering if you could let me know the link you put on your site. I don't mind having it shipped from another country, or to another country to someone I know.

Do you post your lovely stuff to the UK??



Lara said...

Hi Poonum,

I reckon the best place to get a Gocco from is Welsh Products:

Or you can get a second hand one off Ebay :)

Hope that helps!