Sunday, May 31, 2009

friendship flattery

It always gives me such happiness to see something made out of my fabric. The excitement of it is yet to wear off. I spend so much time printing and selling the stuff that I rarely have time to make things myself. Plus other people make things I would never have thought to.

Anyway, of the many crafty projects I've seen, these two below stand out as special to me because they were made by my 'real world' friends. Not that there's much of a distinction between the two anymore as the lines are constantly being blurred, but these are friends that I used to work with back in the day at a Multimedia company before I even began to dapple in patterns.

Karin's Restored Armchair

The chair before

The chair after - Ginkgo in Olive & Teal

I've mentioned my friend Karin's blog before, and she did such a fantastic job of this chair! I'm heading to her place this afternoon to see it in person for the first time. Nice work Karin!

Maz's Birch Purse

Front, next to her matching Mattt bag

The back

Maz is slightly newer to craft blogging but you should totally pop over and say hello (sorry Maz, I hope you don't mind being outed!). How awesome is this purse, made of course with one of Nikki's kits. And I love that she made it to go with her Mattt bag. Awesome work love!

P.S. - Yep I'm printing more of that Charcoal Birch, back in the shop soon!


Michelle said...

They have both done great jobs! And the gingko and birch are both my fave patterns, too.

Karin said...

Thanks for the flattering post yet again chicky! The gingko pattern worked so well cos it had a nice flow to it. :)

Penny said...

Ooh love them both! I've always wanted to re-upholster something, and your chair is gorgeous Karin!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kudos Lara...
I really need to ahem, 'scuse the pun, branch out of birch soon though.
Still have to make something with the riverstones...tis just so precious tho! Don't wanna screw it up!
- Maz (have forgotten my blogger password...again...doh!)

MACO said...

I like your artworks. I linked your blog on my blog list. Are you ok?