Thursday, April 23, 2009

Second chances

After such a dry spell I'm finding it a miracle that here I am blogging away with multiple daily posts both here and on Ink & Spindle.

Whilst galavanting down South East Gippsland way I bought these two lovely old dining chairs from an Antiques barn. The selling point for me was the fact that the cushioned seats just pop out of the frame making for a super easy reupholstery job. Something so easy I will actually find time to do it!

The best thing is that I can quickly prototype different fabrics before having to commit. Like this piece of Chocolate Birch I had floating around:

Dining chair reupholstery prototype

Dining chair reupholstery prototype

I was so chuffed with the result - it feeds the growing upholstery 'thing' I've got going on.

On the fabric front, here's two large stacks of fabric we've been printing for the Brisbane show. All my favorites basically. I'm really liking the red, chocolate, white, charcoal and teal colour scheme.

new textiles for the Brisbane show
Textiles for the Stitches & Craft Show

I'm not sure these fabrics will be up in the shop before we leave for Brissy. Well I might put them up but won't be able to post them back till after we get back. I'll keep you posted :)


paolability said...

The covering seems pretty perfect for the chair. Gorgeous!

JacRan said...

Still love it. The brown with the brown timber goes together nicely.

sophiehillartist said...

That chair is to die for!

mazspazz said...

the chairs and fabric work sooo well together!!

I had my eyes on a sooper nice dining suite on ebay that i wanted re-upholster with either birch or gingko but i got majorly outbid :(

edward and lilly said...

My gosh, that chair looks fantastic in your fabric. Can't wait to pop by and stock up on some fabric at the Bris S&C!!!

Corrie said...

ohhhh love all the colours! hope you'll be coming to the sydney show!


Dariela said...

This chair looks gorgeous!! I need to do this on my dining chairs!! I also have to re-finish all the table and chairs, it's a big project!! But a prototype can inspire lots!!!