Thursday, April 23, 2009

Karin's giveaway

Leather pouch with Japanese fabric cover by Kayi Dreaming

A good friend of mine Karin has recently started getting quite involved in the blogging world. It's great - having a 'real world' friend who understands both sides of my social life.

Anyway Karin's been feeling the creative urge for quite some time now, and has been experimenting with all sorts of different crafty pursuits in order to find her thing, which I think is great. It's not always obvious what your true calling is, and it doesn't really matter anyway so long as you're having fun!

Anyway Karin has recently started working with leather and vintage japanese and screen printed fabrics. Two of my favourite things, and I can tell she has a great eye for it!

Aaand, Karin's doing a giveaway on her blog! She's giving away this lovely little leather pouch, which I think is gorgeous. So do head on over there and leave a nice comment to go into the draw - she'll really appreciate it :)

Leather pouch with Japanese fabric lining by Kayi Dreaming


Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Isn't it a small world? Karin and I have been chatting furiously on email over the past week, and I know you, and you know her! :-)

Tinniegirl said...

It's a gorgeous little pouch. I'll definitely pop over. Your fabrics would look great combined with beautiful leathers.

Karin said...

Lara you are wonderful! Thank you for such lovely words. I have had a few visits from people via this post now!