Friday, October 24, 2008

Random studio pics

I love the look of old paint splattered frames freshly stretched with new mesh and artwork:

A placement print that I'll use as a panel in cushions and other small items.

And showing off a little of my new skirt


paula leme said...
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paula leme said...

hi lara!

i found your blog at moo's website. i loved your work, the colors that you use, everything :)


paula ;

Anonymous said...

I love that top photo! It's great to take photos every now and then of your workspace :)

Di said...

Love your well worn boots too.

Kathy said...

Love the art and love the boots - can't see enough of the skirt - like the color of it. :)

Anna said...

wow- your work has come so far in so little time! it all looks gorgeous!

ShiriMe! said...

hi lara,

i sent a message via the contact link to the right of the blog regarding your fuschia fabric. i had hoped that you would be able to set aside 1 or 2 quantities for me as the price made it very affordable for me, but wanted it set aside so i could save on shipping and just wait until more fabric came in for me to buy all at once. i never heard from you - didn't remember which email I used so I've checked all three yahoo accounts i have (I have so many email accounts). Just wanted to see if you had read the message but did not respond? Or too busy?

I can safely assume the fabric is no longer available... but yeah, wanted to see whatever came about with the message. This has never been a problem with messages sent to you. Maybe a problem with the contact form?

Lemme know what's going on,

troro - the artists behind said...

Really beautiful prints. I am educated in textile printing from the art schools in Norway. I really enjoyd your work. Now I have started up an art and craft project in Lebanon. You can see it on: og visit my art page at:

Sherrin said...

the screen looks great! (I love your boots, too :o) - I have the same ones in black)

bkhdesign blog said...

like that placement print idea.
Do you printing yardage for public?Looking for a good printer,but live in Sydney?

l e a h said...

Darling skirt. And shoes! Everything is so beautiful here.