Monday, April 14, 2008

antisocial blogger ;)

I have been pretty slack lately when it comes to blog-community socialising. Barely keeping up to speed with all my feeds, not commenting as often as usual. Some lovely people have given me blog awards which I still need to pass on - eep, sorry!

Bianca and Fi both tagged me a little while ago, so here goes:

1) I have trouble with left & right, and east & west. I've heard this is a sign of creativity though so I've learnt to love it ;)

2) I've discovered I have a tendency to cry for no particular reason on long plane flights. I'm sure there's many reasons why one would be crying on a plane (missing people, sad to go home etc) but none of those applied to me at the time.

3) I don't like purple. I can handle burgundy or plum, but not middle purple. And I know I'm not the only one - many people seem to have issues with purple it seems.

4) Come to think of it, I don't really like any pure middle colours. Middle green, middle blue, middle yellow. Yellow-green is okay, as is blue-green, and green-blue, and orangey yellow.

5) I've just (finally) found out how to make invisible zips actually invisible!! Thanks to this tute. So easy and so good - takes all the mess out of zipper sewing I reckon.

Okay that was all relatively easy and painless. I'll spare you all and not tag anyone else ;)

Here are the rules:
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  3. Share five non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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Fer said...

I have to agree with the middle-colour thing, especially purple too. Is it because it's just plain common looking?! :o)

Fibo said...

I have problems with left and right and east and west too! People are always correcting me *blushes*, I like the idea that it's a sign of creativity though :) I can dig that

Leigh said...

Re: #2, I recommend listening to act three of This American Life episode 273.

leslie said...

i'm so relieved to hear the left/right thing is a sign of creativity! it's something my mind just cannot grasp unless i really think about it - very frustrating for my husband when i'm trying to give directions in the car : )

and, of course, i agree completely about middle colours.

Ulla said...

I don't agree with the tutorial of zipper sewing in one point. I would keep the zipper on the other (smaller) side of the zipper foot. That way you can sew really close to the zipper and the wider side presses the fabric. My zipper foot can be installed two ways so I can always have the bulkier side of my piece on the left. (that is where the thumb is on the right side;) )

Heather Moore said...

Hee hee about the purple. I've got an irrational fear that I'll find myself starting to like the colour, and then I'll be one of the people who likes purple. Ack!

Kristine said...

Regarding crying on planes, apparently the altitude makes people more emotional. Will would always come home from a business trip and say, "I saw this great movie on the plane; it was so moving; it made me cry." It would then appear on TV later and he'd say, "This is a really good film, you should watch it." We'd watch it together and he couldn't understand why he was so moved by such a lame film. This happened more than once and it only made sense when someone said that the altitude affects your emotions.

karen barbé said...

Finally I find other people with the same right-left problem! I really don't have that feature inside my brain. Every time I need to figure out a given side I have to move my right hand -as if I were to write- and only then get the clue which is the right side (or the left side by process of elimination). It's annoying, people hate me when doing this, especially when driving ha ha. At least the west-east thing is not that severe and I can solve it by visualising concepts like the Far West and cowboys and then locating the area in a mental map. I know totally embarrassing.b

Jenny said...

that's not an invisible zipper, that's a standard zip. Compare to a zip on a tailored skirt - you don't see any sewing, the zip is right up against the fabric (see blog below). Here's a tute from threads magazine, THE sewing magazine that teaches couture technique. I love it!

or this one, from a fab blog. The pics on this show what an invisible zip looks like and how to do it. NB I haven't road tested this tute for usability, but it looks detailed enough to get the message across


Lara said...

Thanks everyone! Ulla - I agree with you re the zipper foot, seems very weird to me the way she did it so I ignored that bit and did it the way you recommend :)

Jenny - thanks for the links! I know that zipper in the tute isn't invisible but the zips I used on my cushions are. I've just found in the past no matter how "invisible" my zips are supposed to be, when the fabric gets pulled tight it always gets exposed. So I like the way this tute properly covers it up. Also the fact that you baste the opening closed first, sew the zip in, then unpick the opening more overcomes a mental challenge than anything else. It just seems more straightforward and requires less thinking. Good for someone like me who sews zips few and far between and always forgets how it's done in between!

Amy Nieto said...

I know many people have the left/right thing but I thought I was alone with the east/west thing as well!!

Anybody have any idea why that is. I haven't noticed the altitude change on planes. Never really cried on one. Well yeah I did once, when I was leaving home for the 50th time back in college. hmmm