Friday, June 29, 2007

8 new little ones

Well my final print run for a little while just arrived back from the printers. It's been fun to try out new colours! I've decided to start calling my prints "limited edition", because I can fairly confidently say that I wont be printing the same colourway more than once or twice. Keeping things fresh seems to be the way to go.

I'm really happy with how these turned out, except for the black. The black is a bit patchy in places, so anybody who orders it will receive an extra large quantity to compensate! I think it's because it's so high contrast (can't get any higher contrast than black and white!) so any variation in the ink is more obvious than in the lighter colours. That said, sometimes it's nice for things to be a bit rough around the edges otherwise it's easy to forget that this stuff is printed by hand, not by machines :)

Hope you like them! These ones go up in the shop on Sunday morning Melbourne time :)


Hollabee said...

Great fabrics! I love the cream droplets!

jfox said...

ooooh how gorgeous lara, love the crisp green on the geese and bonsai prints! will you be sending some to amitie as well?

Tali said...

are they printed by hand?!
I never realised! doh!

kat said...

they are gorgeous. You do such nice work.

beklina said...

So beautiful!!
I'm curious of how they're printed as well. Are you sending them out to be screen printed by hand, or are there computers/printers involved.


dopeattic said...

oh so fabulous! love the green:)

Anonymous said...

I didn't realized your fabrics were printed by hand. Do you print them?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lara,

Your fabrics are beautiful. I was just wondering who in Melbourne does the screen printing or if you have to send them elsewhere.


Lara said...

Hi Anonymous - I won't post the details here but just email me if you want some more information on the process :)


Lara said...

And to the other anonymous! I don't print them personally by hand but I send the designs off to a company who specialise in hand printing fabric by the metre :)

megan said...

i love your style of illustration. clean and simple. i am wondering if you would share your secret for printing tho. right now i sketch my own characters, cut them from linoblock, and stamp. that is crazy time consuming when i just want to get to the finished product.. and you. you do sheets, and you have so many to choose from. i know they are not stamps.. is it like silkscreening?

either way (i understand the blog ettiquite + copying too) your work is incredible. keep up the hard work!