Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Hiding on Instagram

Sometimes it's hard to find opportunities to take proper, "blog worthy" deemed photos. Sometimes the words just aren't flowing. For all those times, there's Instagram, and I love it (no surprises there). That's where I'm hiding most of the time, when I'm absent from this blog for weeks on end. You can find me under the username "laracameron".

Here's a snippet:
Work and making

 Home and surrounds

Hope to see you on there xx


LimeRiot said...

Beautiful photos! I'm so behind the Instagram times! I need to get on board :).

Grace said...

Hi Lara,
I found you through instagram, and am so glad I did. I'm @gladdish - I grow proteas in Tasmania. I recently started a blog about the farm and was so impressed by you beautiful Leuca fabric that I showcased it on my blog. Being new to blogging and the etiquette of it all, I forgot to let you know about it. Forgive me!

Jenny said...

Oh thank goodness! I keep checking here and am always sad when there's no new lovely words or pics... Off to Instagram I go. I am resisting getting an iphone or ipad, but I hope that doesn't stop me enjoying others' pics there.

Gemma said...

I am loving that new triangle pattern fabric you an Teegs are making xx