Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Design Made Trade 2012

Ink & Spindle at Design Made Trade 2012

Back from Design Made Trade and amazingly still alive. It was rather epic, but so worth doing, and I feel so good about how the stand came together. I feel like it finally resembled something of a professional standard. New branding, nice furniture, some new prints (a rarity indeed), and generally looking fairly cohesive.

The only down side is that I know this feeling of "good enough" is only a fleeting one and it won't be long before I set the bar even higher. What's with that? It would be nice to just "be" for a little while, and just feel okay with what I/we have achieved. Sometimes I suck at perspective.

My beloved sideboard getting some love - yay! And Teegs' new Grevillea print on some refurbished Fler Chairs. And a rug by Patchy Rugs. And new prints on the cushions.

Instagram! Ceramics by Abby Seymour, Mustard colourways, Cut fabrics, The gorgeous REB, Paddy the Caddy (thanks Sass!) and my new iBark iPhone case.


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CurlyPops said...

You're definitely 'good enough', in fact you're terrific amazing inspiring!