Saturday, September 17, 2011


Spring time for me so far has been about...

- Contemplating turning 30 at the end of this month and all the typical, difficult thoughts that go with that
- Enjoying the sun on my face & time with good friends
- Feeling pretty much on top of things at work for the first time in a long time
- Feeling super proud of building a new gallery section of our website (upholstery! curtains!)
- Planning & preparing a new kitchen garden

The last item excites me a lot because I've never had a garden of my own before, having only lived in apartments since moving out of home. Plus I love the idea of being just a little more self sufficient. One day I will have chooks. One day.

Tumbleweed worm cafe and some inspiring reading

I am also now responsible for 1000 little wormy friends who reside in the laundry and eat our kitchen scraps. The laundry locale will protect them from the extremes of Melbourne weather and my laziness in the evenings. No mass wormicide will be happening here, folks.

Living Fundraisers Organic Veggie Growing Kits

I love, love, love this fundraising idea by Living Fundraisers. Dana brought these in to work courtesy of her little ones' kinder/playgroup (I forget which). I grabbed the lettuce and tomatoes. Yay! Sooooo much better than chocolate fundraisers!

Hope your springtime is off to a good start :)



Hyena In Petticoats said...

You should join the Diggers Club! I just signed up for two years, and they are brilliant - heirloom seeds, lots of info, and they do classes on all sorts of stuff too......

memtree said...

yay to your very own kitchen garden :) it's so much fun!

gaby@stilelemente said...

I hope you can embrace turning 30, it's such a great phase of your life, things start to really come together :) Lovin' the new gallery pages on the website (I've had a page set up for ages but still haven't gotten around to inserting images...) Enjoy the gardening too, once you get to it.