Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Design:Made:Trade - yay!

Guess what? We're doing our very first trade show! Surely our business is legitimate and successful now that we're doing a trade show.

It's funny how much emphasis I'm putting on Design:Made:Trade as an indicator of Ink & Spindle's legitimacy. One would assume that I'd know that already, but... a trade show! It's the one thing we're yet to tackle, and what better place to do so than the spectacular Royal Exhibition Building.

State of Design Festival Opening Night 2010, photos by Tobias Titz (via The Design Files)

As you can imagine it's been crazy times in the studio again preparing ourselves for this, lots of newness, but that's what keeps us having fun I guess :)



marjorie rose said...

Holy! What a great place to be at! Your hard work continues to pay off.. have a wonderful time!

jess - shelf / life said...

Yay! Wish i could make it down this year to check it out but alas the finances won't let me right now... hope it goes well for you guys!

Unknown said...

yay way to go !!!
good heavens what a building!!!

Sarah Alfarhan said...
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Sarah Alfarhan said...

Best of luck at the Trade Show!
And goodness that's one amazing building, love the photos :)