Tuesday, October 12, 2010


My god. I fail at quiet time. Teegs and I have taken yesterday and today off as a substitute weekend and my head has really struggled with it. I'm so used to being busy busy busy.

Yesterday I visited Shanny & Tom at their new Elevenses Espresso Bar, and had a delicious roo toastie, pear danish and coffee. Mmmmmm. Today I've just pottered and cleaned and entertained the neighbourhood cat who decided to come upstairs to my flat.

I also took a trip to Poyntons which is my favourite plant nursery, and bought some new parsley seedlings and some Begonias because I like red flowers in planter boxes. I would have bought Geraniums but apparently they're not so partial to growing indoors.

planter boxes by www.boxmygarden.com.au

cute ceramic garden label by Little Jane Street

Back to work tomorrow, and another epic few weeks ahead it seems!



ginevra said...

I love the begonias and pepper grinders!

The light from outside always looks lovely in the photos of your house.

Alex Louisa said...

I'm equally bad at quiet time. Though it looks like you still used your time well!

Your planter boxes are gorgeous. And I have the same LJS labels on my shopping list. Aren't they lovely?


enterrement de vie de jeune fille Paris said...

très jolis pots et très jolie cuisine...