Monday, October 25, 2010

Hello Monday

Hello! Just popping in with a quick post about random bits and bobs. It's amazing how a new camera makes it MUCH easier to capture little day to day things that make me happy and blog about them.

Here's some things from my Monday that made it a good start to the working week :)

We finally listed our new Allsorts Quilt Kit in the shop! Available in Pink, Red & Charcoal (pictured above) or Blue, Green & Charcoal (pictured below)

The Allsorts Quilt - kits available here.

Miki posing with one of our Sling Bags so I could update the pics in our shop (kit here!)

Our studio garden grows

I've been wanting to get a bit more greenery in the studio and finally bought these gorgeous little succulents for the windowsill. I have a Jade tree at home but I really like this variety with the smaller leaves! Very cute and bonsai-esque. I'm going to find some interesting tins and objects to use as pots. (and check out the cute little basket that Miki made for home!)

That's all for now. Fingers crossed for a smooth and productive week :)



Unknown said...

I like the little basket with the I&S lining!
Hope you had a great 2nd birthday!

Lyn said...

Lovely products and the plants look great on the window sill.

Suzanne said...

Hi, just discovered your blog and I love it. Just a quick question - I absolutely love your grey couch - where did you get it from?? Thanks.

Lara said...

Thanks lovelies!

Suzanne - my grey couch was from a shop called Dwell, here in Kensington (no website I'm afraid!).


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One Second Needle said...

Thanks for this post. The plants in your studio look wonderful!

enterrement de vie de garcon Paris said...

J'aime beaucoup ce que tu fais...