Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hello from mid Autumn

inspiration for new prints
Eucalyptus on my dining table - inspiration for new prints

Oooh okay, it's been quite a while since I've popped in to say hello. And not really any good excuses.

Life has just been rolling along. Riding my bike. Going to dancing and Muay Thai classes. Seeing an Osteo to fix a sore shoulder/back that I've had for years and years.

Had a very quiet and slow Easter whilst a lot of my friends and family was away, and although it was a tad depressing it was also good to have some mental space to be creative. And so I did! Would you believe that *gasp!* I'm working on a new print?? Something that happens far too rarely these days.

Anyway here are some pics that sum up some of the last few weeks. All housey photos because I forget to take my camera anywhere other than home or work. And of course it's nice to share my home with you all so it's not just me enjoying it.

'blood pods' painting by Tsk Tsk
I bought this gorgeous painting from Tsk Tsk a few weeks ago and am slowly working on a wall arrangement of red things to go with it

new wall arrangement
The new painting in context. 'Blood Pods' by Tiel Seivl-Keevers. Love it.

upholstery swatches for covering armchair
Planning to recover my old armchair. Furniture store friend let me borrow some swatches. I'm going with a pale warm grey called 'oatmeal'. Exciting!

Sunshine. I fell in love with my flat for it's big North facing windows and am already enjoying the autumn sun streaming in all day. It's going to be fantastic during cold winters.

Time for brekkie. xx


Fer said...

Time to make your bed too! (sorry, couldn't resist) :D

You have a very enviable flat, almost makes be wish I was young and single again. :)

Drewzel said...

Gorgeous stuff!
Lara I love your couch, is it new or vintage?

CrimsonBruin said...

Hi Lara! Love your new painting! The sunlight in your apartment is beautiful. I am always confused a bit by terms like autumn and North-facing, since here we are in spring and South-facing is what we like. Then I remember that you are down under! Looking forward to seeing your new print!

Polly said...

Your chair with the swatches made me laugh. All those gorgeous colours and you've chosen 'oatmeal', which is what it looks like it's covered in already. I'd have gone for the red, to match the painting.
Look forward to seeing your new prints soon. I really love your designs. P x x x

Lara said...

@Polly - haha, I do actually like the original fabric colour but the fabric itself is all wooly and pilling. Neutral will work well cos then I can put colourful cushions on it :D

@Drewzel - it's new actually. Bought from Dwell in Kensington, imported by these guys:

Melbourne Vintage said...

Yay new print! It was so much fun spending time printing at the studio this weekend! Although my back is sore as heck so I don't know how you ladies do it - but it explains why you both look so ridiculously fit! We will probably bump into you at the next gig we're going to ;)

tiel said...

it looks good in your beautiful apartment lara. Can't wait to see some new designs flowing.


Jenny said...

lovely! Your home looks so peaceful and relaxing, and you've decorated it so nicely. I'm always inspired. Thanks!

Jenny said...

what font do you think is used on those old tram rolls? I can't work it out (am not a designer, so have NO idea!)
thanks :0)

art.soul said...

i love you blog and i made a post about it on my blog. h
ope you don't mind.
congratulations for your work.

ILikePaperCutting said...

read most of your posts. Adoring all the beautiful pictures of your house, every corner of your house is just so neat and beautiful.

uk lottery said...

green adds color and vibrant to a room. its so good to look at a room with many green things.

ellie said...

I love your house. Can I come visit??? Beautiful sunlight always adds so much to the feeling and warmth of a home.
E xxx

Sonja.Barrett said...

We just bought a sofa in the same Warwick fabric that you're looking at, but in the Sable colour. We love it! We almost went for Oatmeal, but went for a more charcoal colour in the end.