Saturday, November 22, 2008

Winter in November

Well, Melbourne really turned on the weather for our market today. It was probably one of the coldest, rainiest November days on record, and although we were inside a hall we were rugged up with scarves, gloves, boots, jackets and tights. And other stall holders were jealous of our hot water bottles which we kept refilling from the kettle in the old kitchen :)

But all in all the market went really well, thanks to those who braved the weather and came to say hello :)

We took heaps of pics, but they're on Bee's camera, so will post some tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I've just done a little update to the shop where you can now find the lovely new Acacia in Charcoal:

Acacia in Charcoal on natural cotton/linen

Yay :)


t h a i t r a i t said...


We are having a rainy November here too, on the other side of the world.

Emma said...

Yes it was so cold yesterday! And the rain was so heavy that I nearly had to pull over a couple of times driving to work because I could barely see out the windscreen.

But I'm glad the market went well , and am looking forward to seeing the pictures seeing as though I couldn't make it.

Liz Cox said...

Hi Lara, glad the market went well. I heard from a secret source (my friend down the street) that your stall was the best!
I think I might just get myself a hot water bottle too - it snowed here today. Brrr.

Dizzy Little Kingdom said...

Oh, Acacia in Charcoal is to die for! How gorgeous!


juicy couture velour said...

How about the weather today? its spring there right? so many leaves and trees..