Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Postage oops!!

Oh dear - today a customer alerted me to the fact that one of the items in my shop (the Houses & Bicycles print in half width) added a crazy amount of shipping charge to her order. I had a look and sure enough - the weight for that item was totally incorrectly!!

So, if you've ever tried to order the Houses & Bicycles fabric from my shop and have baulked at the crazy shipping - rest assured, that's now how it's supposed to be and all is fixed. And the few that did end up paying too much will get a refund :)

So sorry about that! I wonder how many people got scared off by it and never said anything - eep!


alex said...

Completely unrelated to postage:

But I just read your interview on 'a studio with a view'. Love that 'artists who blog' series.


I also recommended you for a little Q&A (it was my first one!) that I'm sure you were already on the list for anyway!

Rebecca said...

Hi! I purchased the fabric and didn't even notice the shipping (I was too excited about the lovely fabric!!). Thanks so much for organising the refund - I just received a series of emails saying what was happening and then the refund was all done. I think you rectified the situation brilliantly and your customer service is awesome! Thank you from a very happy fabric shopping addict (oooh and the fabric is BEAUTIFUL!!) :D