Monday, February 05, 2007

Poor Failed Craft Project

Sitting on the couch yesterday watching the movie Russian Dolls (with all those gorgeous cosy parisian homes) I felt inspired to make something for our apartment. We have those kind of ugly light fittings that sit on the ceiling covered by an oyster shell thingy (oh how i'd love to have hanging lightbulbs that I could put funky lampshades on) so I decided to make a sort of lampshade thing that sits flush on the roof and covers/pretties it up a bit.

I spent about 7 hours working on this project up till 1am, always thinking "once it all comes together it'll hold it's shape better... it'll be okay". Well, the only way you learn these things is to try and fail.

Lesson learnt:
If you want to make a lampshade you need a solid frame that can hold it's own weight. A frame made out of polyprop doesn't cut it. Behold:

Okay it might look _okay_ in these photos but in real life, hanging from my ceiling with the light on it looks like a saggy, unrefined mess. Maybe it's rescuable if I line the inside with some stiff wire? What bugs me most is wasting that kimono fabric - I might have to cut this fella up and rescue the pieces.


sia said...

Well, the lampshade looks cool anyway!
Let's hope that some stiff wire will do the trick.

Russian Dolls... that must be the english title for Les Poupées Russes? Did you watch L'auberge espagnole (The Spanish Apartment) as well?

Off to bed now (it is past midnight over here in Amsterdam)!

leslie said...

to cheer you up: I was just walking by one of my workmates' desks and she was oogling one of your prints on etsy! i was all "hey, i know her! er, well not really but i sorta know her... um... well anyway, she's super talented and a wonderful designer!" she's looking for a gift for her sister and loooooved your stuff. : )

Heather Moore said...

Aw nuts. Well, you get points for enthusiasm and effort anyway.

Amy said...

if you put a small glass container in the "lampshade", I'd think it would make a pretty vase. If you don't say anything, I won't either. shhh!

Lara said...

hehe, such lovely comments, thanks! sia - yep that's right :) I did see the spanish apartment earlier - it was great!

gracia said...

Looks marvellous in the photos, from someone who can't suspend a lampshade either.
see you, g

tina said...

what courage you have! i'm never brave enough to show my failures!