Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Almost There

This little girl wasn't originally going to make it all the way to the digital inking stage. She just sat in my notebook, because I wasn't completely happy with the way her dress fell and the balance of branches on the tree.

However a close friend of mine happened to be over when I was getting the other treehouse print done and told me that she met one of her closest, bestest friends up a treehouse! So she wants to give the two prints to her friend as a birthday present - very sweet, and very flattering.

Okay back to work! I'm working on this epic, epic flash website job that's due to be launched in two weeks. And then i'll be free! freeee!!


Jhoanna said...

You make such sweet illustrations - love her dress. And congratulations of being mentioned in :-)

Lara said...

Thanks Jhoanna! And that's for the heads up about bloesem's blog! I hadn't checked my feeds yet - what a lovely surprise!!!

choli chuli said...

i've seen your link on bloesem's page... your little girl and your patterns are wonderful !! really pleased to discover your talent !!