Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ye Olde North Melb

Well, I didn't stick to posting every day, but that's ok - quality over quantity I always say. Ooh that rhymes.

This morning I climbed out of bed and saw the coolest thing trotting past my window - yes trotting. It was one of the old fashioned horse drawn carts that clip clop around the city, which I suspect are stabled nearby. I always feel sorry for the horses' hooves, but they DO make the coolest noise and make me think of ye olde North Melbourne.

Speaking of, my dad recently found this picture amongst the archives of an old Ballarat newspaper. I love the typesetting and the old fashioned wording! Any guesses from the locals which building it is? (It's grandiousity is a wee bit exaggerated - look how small the tram is!)

Also, a bit of pattern design WIP:


shannon said...

Thats so funny, they clop past our place also!!

Ace new patterns. That rag and bone get back to us all today/tomorrow?? mmm fingers crossed for some pocket money!!

shula said...

Such a beautiful sound. I remember milk being delivered by horse and cart to my grandmother's in Kew when I was a very little girl. It would always wake me, and I just loved it.

And I know how old that makes me sound.

Designs are lovely, as always.

Tali said...

hmmm. that looks a lot like the shops along Errol St, near the town hall.
And if you read the text in the right hand corner, it actually says it's on Errol St!

Lara said...

Shannon: Heh, that's mad! Small small world :)

Shula: That's very, very cool. Milk delivery in itself is a cool concept, but by horse and cart, that's so cute!

Tali: Yup, it totally is! It's actually the building where Rubicon and The Lithunian club are :)

Dawn Irvine said...

hey Lara! don't you just love 'print & pattern'? thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. i've just had a look at some of your patterns and they are beautiful. i love what you did for 'rag & bone'. good luck! can't wait to go through your archives and you're in my 'links' for sure! and thanks for putting me in yours too.

Dawn x

gracia said...

Oh! How I love the new patterns... like underwater seed pods.
see you, g

Jules Knoblock said...

hey Lara, thanks for the comment on my blog! I so can't wait for Craft either: I think I might explode!
I linked up to you as promised in my recent post plus my sidebar links. :) Your blog is tops :)

nicole lecht said...

love those ones!...i haven't forgotten about you doing my pattern! holiday ornament has taken over so may have to wait till after the holidays! poop! :(