Friday, March 09, 2012

Hello Autumn

It's Autumn! How did that happen? Hmm it's been almost a month since I've posted here! It's been a weird and exhausting kind of month, there's been good stuff and not so good stuff. I have moments where I feel really grateful for all the good things in my life (friends, family, living in a nice home & neighbourhood... and work of course), but other moments where I feel like I'm constantly just trying to make lemonade from lemons and it'd be nice to just have a break and be given some mangoes or something.

But on a more positive note, one thing that's definitely making me smile is the new collection of textiles we've just released over at Ink & Spindle. I'm actually hesitant to use the word "collection" because that's not how we do things, we don't do collections or seasons (you might have noticed), but I can't think of a better word. Anyway, here's some pics from the photoshoot we did earlier this week, more pics over at I&S :)

New textiles in the shop

Photography: Eric Ronald
Model: Camilla Mckewen
Studio: Manysquaremetres

It's been so nice to produce something we're both really proud of. After taking a step back over the Christmas break and having some head space to think about what direction we want to take the business, we've ended up changing things quite a bit. We've discontinued a whole chunk of our stock range and products. And it feel really good - now we'll have the time and (hopefully) finances to pursue new things. Yay!



Resmi... said...

Hello Lara,

I do visit your blog often, but seldom put a comment :-) Reason - Just lazy! I had added you to my blog roll long time back. So whenever I see that you have an update here, I come and read it. :-) I love your designs and the colors. They seem to be very soothing and pleasing. I loved that Orange textile used to make the cushion cover.

the Blue Rabbit House. said...

The new prints just look amazing! I love the colours and the designs. Wonderful job, ladies!

rosie said...

Beautiful colours! Very warming and perfect to brighten up the grey weather outside my window :o)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful set of images. I love how these designs are a little sophisticated, more subtle in their design/colour. Great work (from one fabric designer to another).

Helene said...

Lara they're beautiful. actually, they're stunning. I invariably have the same 2 almost involuntary responses to your new designs - 1. I break into a smile that may only disappear from my face, but never from my mind; and 2. my fingers get this uncontrollable itch to seek out and click on a "buy now" button. :)
love, H